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Being an entrepreneur is not simply a job, it also consists in the creation of a social framework based on one’s own passions. In fact, most entrepreneurs start companies based on their own interests, talents or passions.

Entrepreneurs therefore hold the reins of corporate vision, they plan its development and constantly make adjustments to re-direct business dynamics and human resources in the direction of the vision itself.

Choices regarding business development and decisions that involve risk are a daily occurrence and what happens is that entrepreneurs, driven by their enthusiasm and their initial courage that gave them momentum, set up a company without taking into account their resources, in terms of energy, thought and time, which are limited.

The risk over time is to feel tired and to suffer more frequently moods of anxiety and stress that can generate a lack of motivation which in turn influence the leadership with employees. In worst cases a state of malaise affects other areas of life giving rise to health problems, as well as problems related to the couple and the family.

The Coaching for Entrepreneurs is a course of great value for those who want to achieve great goals, build on skills and activate the resources necessary to take on challenges, whilst maintaining well-being as a nodal point of one’s life path, ensuring themselves and the company to remain competitive and successful.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs should allow entrepreneurs to become their own coach and to guarantee them complete autonomy over time, so that they can take control of their lives by accessing the resources they need.

The coaching for Entrepreneurs of Quantasia SA in Lugano, is designed to provide the entrepreneur with tools and techniques to enhance leadership, increase self-confidence, reduce stress, improve communication to optimize people management and all the techniques of Mental Coaching for overcoming limiting mental patterns that tend to slow down the achievement of results and that sabotage success and well-being.

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