Is Online Coaching Effective?

In this pandemic period, more and more services are being delivered online by companies.

Coaching services have also gone digital and many are wondering if online coaching really works.

The answer is definitely affirmative, like any strategic consultancy service for personal development, coaching also achieves concrete results even if done online.

New technologies and teaching aids allow to carry out interactive online coaching sessions with a shared screen in which the participant is guided through effective teaching tools.

If the Coach is organized and prepared to carry out online sessions, he certainly offers valid support for both personal and professional development. You can create activities and exercises that guide the participant to acquire greater personal awareness and provide those sets of strategies to support him in his evolutionary process.

The relationship of trust that the Coach manages to establish with the participant depends on his or her communicative, organizational and relational skills, so it is essential to choose a Coach who has considerable experience in following people even at a distance.

Quantasia SA online coaching

Quantasia SA has been offering online coaching sessions for more then four years, being our clients of different nationalities, Quantasia SA’s online coaching has now consolidated its effectiveness.

Our sessions are organized with interactive teaching aids, we use a shared whiteboard (interactive whiteboard), in which both the Coach and the participant can write and contribute content. Videos, slides, tables, graphs and visual schemes are shared to help structure the reasoning and learning process.

Quantasia Online Life Coaching or Online Business Coaching is not only offered to people not residing in the Canton of Ticino, many local customers, from Lugano or the Canton of Ticino, have opted for online sessions especially during this pandemic period. This exclusive service has allowed our company to position itself as one of the best coaching companies in the Canton of Ticino.

Quantasia SA does not only provide one-to-one online coaching courses, but also group company trainings or coaching groups, equally effective since group reflections are well organized and structured to allow each participant to have his or her moment of interaction with the trainer / coach and the group.

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