An effective autocoaching method to manage anxiety and stress, now also in Lugano, Ticino!

Neuro Emotional Education is an innovative method of self-coaching that allows you to improve the management of anxiety and stress and increase your well-being.

Education: integration of routines and strategies that allow you to function better

Neuro: related to the nervous system and the mind

Emotional: related to emotions

When you are in a state of anxiety or stress, the emotions you feel are negative ones, such as fear, insecurity, disorientation and these emotions automatically orient your observation towards what you fear, what has not worked or what is not working.

What are emotions? Think about it for a moment, can you answer this question?

Emotions are neuropeptides and neurotransmitters released by the body, this allows us to understand that it is not the mind that creates the emotions but the body that creates them. For this reason, a person who is in a state of anxiety or stress cannot only use his thoughts, the mind, to control his emotions. The mind, or the analytical brain, can only observe them, but the one who has the ability to transform emotions from a state of discomfort to one of well-being in an instant is your body.

If we take young children for example, in an instant they may cry or scream in fear, anger or dissatisfaction and a minute later they may plunge into joy. This is because their nervous system has the ability to create neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in the body, they have not yet developed the analytical brain, it is only the body that allows them to go from sadness to joy, or from joy to fear.

All human beings have the ability to move so quickly from joy to sadness and vice versa, if you had this ability as a child, you have it in adulthood.

Since the emotions are neuropeptides, therefore hormonal created by the organs, and neurotransmitters, therefore neuro-electrical drives that come from the brain, it means that they are purely energies. This is why when you experience a great emotion of shame, you feel very hot and when you experience a moment of fear, your body is cold, because emotions are energies.


Therefore, emotions are the fuel, the gasoline that allows the body to take actions, like a car needs gasoline to go. Therefore, your emotions are not there to hurt you, your emotions are there to help your body to create energy and allow you to act in one direction or another. Now depending on the emotions you create withing you, you will not have the same fuel that creates your behaviors and therefore you will not engage your physiology in the same way.

If someone is suffering from anxiety or stress, it is because its nervous system is no longer able to create the neuro-emotional fuel of well-being and probably in his everyday life he is out of alignment, he is in contradiction. If the body is no longer able to spin the emotions of well-being, then it is necessary to undertake a path that educates the person to recuperate the neuro-emotional circuit of well-being.

This is where Neuro Emotional Education is positioned, which is nothing more than an autocoaching method that the person practices to rebalance his neuro-emotional axis of well-being.

The method of Neuro Emotional Education

Neuro Emotional Education is a process of transformation, no one has a magic wand, this process to restart well-being requires some time and training, but once done you will be freed from contradictions and malaise.

The purpose of Neuro Emotional Education is to train your emotions, the fuel with which you build or destroy your categories of life. You will create opportunity and value in your life, depending on the emotional fuel that directs your behaviors and actions. And if you have more access to the fuel of malaise then it means that you sabotage, destroy your skills, creations, relationships and potential in your life and you are someone who sabotages yourself.

If today the fuel that drives your actions and behaviors is that of malaise, anxiety and stress, you can change it at any moment! Of course it requires a bit of commitment, but once you understand how to do it, you will have the tools to act and build greater value in your life.

Emotions are something that our body produces and we can train it to produce emotions of enthusiasm, joy, passion, determination and certainty. Those who feel these emotions have a neuro-emotional wiring of well-being and you too can build it by integrating strategies and techniques into your life that allow you to achieve it!

If you too are looking for effective tools to manage anxiety and stress, you can participate in our Ateliers in Lugano or online, read our book  or contact us for a free or charge meeting!

Emotions are the fuel, the petrol that allows the body to take action!
Mani Hesam

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