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Manuela – 4 August 2022

Meditate comes from the Latin meditari, iterative of mederi, meaning “to cure”. It is the ability to focus the mind over an object of thought for a long time and with intense spiritual concentration. It means to deeply examine a problem, to investigate its nature and evolution to understand its essence and draw the consequences to obtain better results in life.

Over the centuries, different types of meditation have arisen deriving from various cultures and knowledge from all over the world. To provide some examples, there is guided meditation, mantra meditation, spiritual meditation, mindfulness, transcendental meditation, vipassana, chakra meditation, yoga, with candles, etc …

All types of meditation bring benefits, psychologically, physically, and emotionally. Some are more oriented toward relaxation, breathing and emotional healing and others towards mindful to bring consciousness back to the present moment.

What does “to meditate” mean?

Meditating is a skill that develops with practice. For our mind, used to running all day and to following the endless to-do lists, it is not always easy to switch from accelerating “doing” to the calm and peace of mind that is able to stay in “not doing” and in the silent observation of the present, in the nothing and in the whole at the same time.

Meditating means to deactivate the thoughts and the chattering activity of the mind; it means to enter an inner state of tranquillity, silence, regeneration and contact with oneself.

We can therefore say that entering a meditative state means being present and aware with yourself, in the present moment. It is therefore a condition of “pure being” where mind and body are in a state of union that precedes their polarity. So, if you think about it for just a moment, meditation is an originally natural state.

The more you practice meditation, the more you can explore yourself in depth in order to understand the meaning of your emotions, the meaning of your life, your most authentic values, those that distinguish you and shape your essence. Meditating leads you to encounter your truth and to expand in consciousness to embrace a more authentic and loving way of life.

What is the meaning of entering a meditative state?

Entering a meditative state means knowing how to self-regulate physiological rhythms through visualization, positive self-suggestion and breathing to calm the mind and to get in deep contact with the body.

We are not our mind.

The mind is that voice that tell us what is right and what is wrong. It is all those conscious and unconscious programs, like our beliefs, that define our reality. The mind is the program, it moves between all the meanings and experiences that we have recorded since our birth until today. The mind then draws on that conscious and subconscious database to build the world around us and this database defines our choices, our actions, and our behaviours.

Meditation begins by closing your eyes and bringing attention to the inner world, through a relaxation process that can vary according to techniques or philosophy. Thanks to a process of self-observation, which, like a muscle, increases with practice and over time, and by entering a deep state of relaxation, a change in the state of consciousness takes place. The moment when you leave the mind program and you enter the awareness of being and existing in the present moment is the leap of consciousness. It is a leap in the state of observation: from observing life from the perspective of the mind to immersing in the life of the body.

When this jump occurs, the brain changes frequency, slowing down the brain activity. In conditions of relaxation and suspension of the rational and logical thought processes, one enters Alpha waves (8 – 13.9 Hz) and sometimes also Theta waves (4 – 7.5 Hz). As soon as we wake up or before we fall asleep, we are in Theta waves, and these waves in meditation represent the deepest meditative states. The Alpha and Theta waves are the door that allows us to enter our operating system to rewrite our past with new meanings and to reintegrate scattered bits of our soul. It means that it is possible for us to self-reprogram our mind and our brain and then rewrite with meditation that database from which we obtain our reality.

The different existing meditations are therefore oriented towards methodical training and intentional change of states of consciousness to welcome, understand, rewrite something of our history and to broaden the field of future possibilities. Because if through an inner journey we can understand more of our past and our way of being, we can therefore return to ourselves with new resources, new insights and understandings.

Why taking fifteen minutes a day to train the brain waves and why is intentional meditation essential?

Several scientific experiments have shown that the ability to self-regulate brain waves and to keep our brain tuned for several minutes a day in Alpha and Theta waves allows us to build a greater psycho-emotional balance. In fact, meditation helps to drastically reduce states of anxiety, stress, anguish, fear and even anger. The same meditation practice allows you to increase well-being, concentration, intuition and creativity.

Many benefits related to the good functioning of our body have also been found, for example meditating decreases sleep disorders, migraines, panic attacks, dizziness, grinding of teeth, etc.

In meditation you leave the surface to go deep. Become aware of a level of existence below and beyond the frenetic activity of thoughts.

Ulrich Ott


What is neuro-emotional meditation and what benefits does it bring in our life?

Neuro-emotional meditations are active meditations  which imply a dynamic psycho-corporal participation to reach those states of ecstasy and expansion generated by the Alpha brain rhythm. In some ways they are “rock” meditations compared to classic meditations that reach the thresholds of the Alpha and Theta brain rhythms through progressive relaxation and passive observation of the mind. Neuro-emotional meditations are a kind of fitness, therefore they are based on a mechanism of “leap of consciousness”where it is the heart that regulates the brain; in fact, with specific techniques one enters profound cardiac coherence, so much as to modify the states of consciousness of the mind. This is the famous quantum leap that quantum physicists talk about so much.

Neuro-emotional meditations, in that leap from the mind to the body, create a neurological predisposition that allows you to independently dissolve some emotional blocks and to free the nervous system from limiting beliefs and contradictions  restoring a normal condition of well-being.

Neuro-emotional meditations are neuro-quantum techniques, as the most advanced ones work closely with the quantum field. In the book “Neuro Emotional Transformation” written by me, you can read more, you can discover how mind and matter are interconnected in the construction of reality and you can make use of a first technique that can be practiced in autonomy.

Neuro-emotional meditations are neurologically studied to create specific neuro-physiological states that allow you to activate the best mental and emotional responses, modifying the neurobiochemistry of the body and generating positive effects on the mind and well-being effects in the body.

Nowadays there are many techniques and methodologies that can be practiced at home to achieve inner well-being and happiness, which allow you to rewrite your history, your neurology and your emotional imprint and which therefore allow us to attract rewarding and elevated experiences and relationships.

Nowadays learning to train brain waves is essential if you want a life based on well-being, awareness, and relational success. These elements are intrinsically related to your success and your personal fulfilment. Neuro-emotional meditations favour the birth of mature awareness, of calm, of an attentive and present personality that knows how to co-create with others at another level of consciousness.

Neuro-emotional meditations are now widely used in the business and corporate world. In fact, nowadays there are more and more managers who practice Neuro Emotional Education exercises to train their centering and to align the mind and body towards their goals. In this regard you can read the reviews of our customers on our website.

Quantasia SA, is the first Neuro-Emotional Education Centre in Lugano, Ticino. We take care of creating coaching paths  and individual or group training, for both individuals and companies. We help people train their brains at peak performance levels.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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