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Claudia Vece is the founder and CEO of Quantasia SA.

Claudia has held important management positions for several years. In Paris she managed the most important model management company internationally. During her mandate, in addition to the tasks of company management and people management, she dealt with the total restructuring of the company and the recovery of losses, as well as the reorganization of the work teams, mergers and the sale of the company to an investment fund.

In 2013 the company obtained the title of "Best Modeling Agency in the world" (ranking thanks to the quality of the model portfolio and for the incredible results obtained in a few years (turnover increased from 6 to 13 million euros).

Claudia Vece Quantasia

She is an Expert in business management, people management and in the management of talents and personalities.

Certified in 2012 by the MJN.D Institute in Paris in Cybernetics Science applied to human systems, acquiring the titles of Expert H.C.S.® in Human Cybernetics Sciences and Expert in NLP (INLPTA). Specialized in systemic and augmentative communication, in linguistic intelligence, in logic-mathematical intelligence, personal and relational intelligence, in strategic communication and in the recontextualization of the meaning of lived experiences, in strategies for problem solving and crises management.

Certified in 2017 by the Institute S.A.N.E.® - Neuro Emotional Alignment System – in Barcelona, acquiring the title of Expert Coach S.A.N.E. Specialized in emotional well-being, stress management and negative emotions management.

During the year 2017 she obtained the title of Expert in Stress Management Techniques in PNEI, psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology from SPERLING and APL - Lombardy Psychologists in Milan.

In 2018 she obtained the certification FSEA - Swiss Federal Adult Trainer guaranteed by EDUQUA, Swiss quality certificate for institutions of continuing education.

For the Business Facilitation she has obtained the certification of Facilitator LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Moreover, in 2018 Claudia becomes Master Membership EMCC UK - European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

Quantasia is born thanks to the desire to bring awareness and well-being into the business world, in families and schools, and foster a culture of understanding and progress. Claudia defines herself as a facilitator in the development of psycho-emotional strategies and in the process of evolution and change.



The source of success

is to be found in the human relational fabric, a source of vital energy and well-being.

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