When a Coaching service (be it for Business, Life, Relationships or Talents) or a consulting service is requested, Quantasia offers a free preliminary meeting (by telephone, Skype or in person) with its Expert Coach, which normally lasts thirty minutes, in order to understand the Client's needs and define his/her objectives. After careful analysis, a proposal is drawn up in order to satisfy his/her needs.

Quantasia reserves the right not to accept mandates if it deems it is unable to meet the needs expressed. It also reserves the possibility of advising alternative solutions with complementary therapists, psychologists, or other experts in the medical and health sector.

Every service follows the Quantasia method and are recommended to any entity, company or individual over the age of eleven who wishes to go down a developmental path to increase their well-being, performance, and build relationships and leadership in working contexts.
When individuals are not able to channel their thoughts and emotions in the right direction, they live in a state of contradiction, they create internal misalignment, they become incoherent, they set in motion self-sabotaging behaviours and they destroy their own well-being, that of others, as well as interpersonal relationships. The Quantasia method will allow you to learn to hold the reins of your thoughts and emotions in order to create inner harmony in different aspects of life as well as successful relationships.

The Quantasia method is based on research, scientific studies, transformative methods and ever-increasing certifications in Coaching. The Quantasia method creates well-being and tends to significantly improve the quality of life of its Clients, be they companies or individuals.

The services offered by Quantasia allow individuals to gain greater awareness of their internal processes, as well as optimise their functioning and improve interpersonal relationships. In fact, you will be encouraged to become active observers of your experience and you'll be accompanied on a journey of profound transformation that will allow you to activate the necessary resources to become the architect of your life. By giving yourself the permission to empower yourself to transform your material reality, starting from the transformation of your inner world, you can build value by realising your goals on a wave of enthusiasm.

The Quantasia method stimulates the Clients' reasoning and inspires the creation of a more balanced and harmonious inner world, which is then expressed and shared naturally. Individual plans have a medium-to-long duration in order to achieve tangible and lasting results over time.

The Clients are followed by Expert Coach and trainer Claudia Vece, who is an Expert in Human Cybernetic Science, an NLP and S.A.N.E® Coach Expert - Neuro-Emotional Alignment System, a Swiss Federal Trainer for adults and a consultant.

Clients are informed that there are differences between a Coach and a psychologist. Claudia Vece is not a therapist; she is a coach and a facilitator in developmental and decision-making processes and does not dig into Clients' past to look for the causes of a problem, neither does she make assumptions. Instead, she works by observing facts.
The S.A.N.E.® method, founded by Dr. Mani Hesam and Dr. Arash Zarrinpour, is a multidisciplinary coaching model conceived on the basis of neurology, epigenetics, biology and quantum physics applied to biological systems.

The S.A.N.E® method is an innovative method that allows Clients to connect to their internal resources and talents. By training the body to activate the emotions of life, such as joy and enthusiasm, Clients are able to create a physiological current of well-being and rediscover emotional states that they may need to easily cope with the circumstances that life presents.

Thanks to SANE® visualisation exercises, designed on the basis of very precise neurological sequences, Clients create a Neuro-Emotional Alignment in a state of well-being that activates Alpha brain waves, or rather, the flow of well-being, through which they can connect to their true potential by activating their heart's intelligence, the seat of intuition. In this state of well-being and alignment, deep desires linked to evolutionary needs of the soul become perceptible to the conscious mind and Clients can finally channel their energies towards their deepest aspirations and visions.

Thanks to S.A.N.E® exercises, Clients significantly increase their PEMA® (Electro-Magnetic Potential of Attraction) and acquire unimaginable potential when it comes to manifesting their objectives by attracting people, circumstances and situations that will lead them to the realisation of their visions.

Working with energies such as joy and enthusiasm, the S.A.N.E.® method is recommended to all human beings who have strayed from their feelings and wish to regain the energy of life that circulates within the body just like when they were children.

The SANE® method is used in every aspect of life as it enhances well-being and encourages the fulfilment of objectives with remarkable results. It can be applied to sport, the management of talents, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, people management, stress management, human relationships and personal growth. It is also an additional support in cases of chronic malaise (mental or physical) and diseases.

Neuro concerns the neurological sequences that underlie every human thought and behaviour.

Emotional concerns the emotions that connect the mind and the body. Emotions fuel the human system.

Alignment specifically refers to the alignment between what the mind desires and bodily movement.
A SANE® Expert Coach understands the fundamental principles of the Mind-Body relationship and the somatisation of an undigested emotion of the past that can prevent the fulfillment of objectives, set in the present, when engaging in Coaching. Experts understand the principles of cells biology and quantum physics applied to biological systems, and the influence of the observer on his or her environment. Thanks to the study of epigenetic science, experts also understand how the surrounding environment shapes and influences the well-being and success of an individual.

Expert SANE® Coaches master the art of Neuro-Emotional Alignment and guide Clients towards developing inner well-being that allows them to become optimistic and fortuitous. SANE® Expert Coaches guide Clients towards becoming the author of their life in a feeling of infinite well-being that rebalances negative perceptions, creates motivation, decreases stressful states of being, anxiety and fear, in order to enhance the manifestation of one's own goals.

S.A.N.E.® Expert Coaches provide effective self-coaching techniques in order to make Clients independent when it comes to the management of their well-being throughout life.

Official page of S.A.N.E.® Expert Coach  Claudia Vece
PEMA® - Electro-Magnetic Potential for Attraction is a term that was coined by Doctors Mani Hesam and Arash Zarrinpour, founders of the S.A.N.E.® method - Neuro-Emotional Alignment System.

In fact, human beings are made up of energy that is emitted and released from the body; or rather, from its tissues, organs, cells, molecules and atoms. The energy we emit goes into the environment and returns to us in the shape of an emotional, chemical or material result.

When we produce a thought, we emit electrical pulses. When we produce emotions, we emit a magnetic field. The association of our thoughts and our emotions creates our Electro-Magnetic Potential, which responds to the famous law of attraction.

It is obvious that the law of attraction exists and responds to the energy we emit at any given moment, yet it is crucial to be aware of the fact that it works in both negative and positive ways. To understand our power of attraction, we simply need to look at our surroundings, which is nothing but the reflection of what we emit as thoughts and emotions: the people present in our lives, our accumulated wealth, our health, relationships, and so on. These results are 100% linked to who we are internally and what we emit on a daily basis as an electromagnetic current.

The S.A.N.E.® method (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System) is a technology of the human system that gives way to the creation of a Neuro-Emotional Alignment, or rather, the alignment between thoughts and emotions that allows for the exponential increase of one's PEMA®.
We human beings have been brought up to live our lives according to the results we visibly achieve, thinking that the more external results we obtain, in terms of work, money, cars, houses, children, and so on and so forth, the more satisfied, fulfilled and happy we are. We live our lives clinging to this lie and we destroy ourselves both mentally and physically in achieving these results. We live in an illusion that when we are in possession of something, we feel satisfied, but what we achieve externally does not necessarily change our level of satisfaction and inner well-being.

Only when we begin to focus on what happens within us and begin to learn about our neurology, can we really change our lives and make progress in taking on our challenges full of enthusiasm and vital energy.

We human beings are gifted with a mind and a body. When they don't work coherently, these two elements are like two boxers who clash in a ring and throw punches.

Neuro-Emotional Alignment consists in knowing how to mentally create desires, and, on a physiological level, positive emotions connected to them, so that the subconscious engages the body, which is charged with frequencies such as enthusiasm, joy, determination and certainty, to then take action without putting the brakes on or having any doubts. When thoughts and emotions are aligned we actually become invincible, full of energy and fast when it comes to manifesting our objectives.

S.A.N.E.® (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System) is a method that aims to reawaken our inner well-being, by educating the body and the mind to work coherently and with the same intensity.
An Expert H.C.S.® (Human Cybernetic Science) is someone who has completed a three-year training course built on an interdisciplinary model and based on sciences such as human cybernetics, biology and quantum physics applied to biological systems. The course also incorporates the systematic communication processes (approach Palo Alto) and the practical application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

H.C.S.® Expert Coaches are strategic consultants specialised in Cybernetic science, strategic communication, linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, personal and relational intelligence, in the recontextualisation of the meaning of experiences, project management and problem-solving.

H.C.S.® Expert Coaches observe individuals as a whole, and consider the interactions between the elements of their mind-body system, and between the system and their surrounding environment.

H.C.S.® Expert Coaches stimulate Clients' reasoning in order for them to find resources and solutions to achieve their goals.

Cybernetic science is often confused with 'cyborg' or 'cyber', which are related to robots, virtual reality and the Internet.

Cybernetics is defined as “the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things”.

The origins of Cybernetics stems from the minds of mathematicians, physicists and engineers in the late 40s and early 50s. In 1947, the mathematician Norbert Wiener introduced the term "Cybernetics" when he published his book "Cybernetics" in which he developed the extraordinary theory of communication and control with regard to the transmission of messages.

Cybernetic science is also known as systems theory and deals with the study of the information of complex systems by understanding the functioning of the deep structure within it. A system can be a society, an economy, a computer network, a machine, a cell, an organism, a brain, an individual, or an ecosystem.

The elements that make up a system interact with each other through the exchange of information in which the transmission of the message and the feedback are present. The central notions of Cybernetics and of all living and non-living systems are: communication, signals, information, feedback and self-regulation.

When it comes to communication, feedback is the central point of the exchange process and allows the relationship to be adjusted and corrected through system self-regulation. When Cybernetics is applied to human relations, it tends to correct individuals' erroneous way of looking at the world, allowing them to see things in their dynamic of interactions.

Cybernetics is an interdisciplinary study method and today is highly influential in many fields, including: business, cognitive sciences, the science of interactions, the study of learning, social control, adaptation, efficiency and effectiveness, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, biology, behavioural psychology, cognitive psychology, philosophy, anthropology and, not least, NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The Federal Professional FSEA Certificate trains specialists in the training of adults for companies and training institutes.

FSEA trainers can: independently conceive and develop educational events for adults within their discipline, guide adults in group training courses, support individual learning processes, design and create training proposals and know how to design training courses from a didactic profile.

As far as companies are concerend, trainers prepare a series of activities aimed at innovating and increasing the skills of individuals. Training allows for workers' combined professionalism to improve. As well as having sound knowledge of the learning processes, in-company trainers know the functioning of the ins and outs of business processes and understand logical dynamics.

As far as transversal skills are concerned, listening and interpersonal communication are very important.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of the elements of perception and behaviour that make our experience possible. In fact, they comprise a set of techniques and mental models that allow you to: effectively determine your goals, improve communication skills, be more motivated and have a deeper understanding of yourself and others. It is generally defined as "the study of the structure of subjective experience".

NLP came to be thanks to the observation and modeling of winning strategies of great therapists including Virginia Satir, Milton H. Erickson and Fritz Perls. This study, conducted by R. Bandler and J. Grinder in the '70s, on the initiative of the epistemologist G. Bateson, led to the development of NLP; a model capable of working in the perceptual and cognitive structures of the human mind. In fact, NLP makes it possible to modify mental maps through communication.

NLP has been called "the art of modelling change" and is one of the most widespread communication techniques in the world. Today, NLP is applied in very wide-ranging fields: medicine and psychotherapy, sports, advertising, staff training, teaching, personal growth, and so on.

Neuro relates to the neurological sequences that underlie all human behaviour.

Linguistic relates to the models by which mental processes are codified and organised through language.

Programming means that the neurological sequences are ordered, not randomised, and that certain results are achieved through the programming of specific communication frameworks and programs.

It is important to understand that there are differences between a Coach and a psychologist. An NLP Coach is a trainer and facilitator in the developmental and decision-making process.

Coaches are professionals who are experts in developmental processes, helping Clients to see situations in a different light. Coaches provide useful tools to allow people to get in better touch with themselves and access their strengths and skills in a natural way in order to manifest a reality that is more aligned with their values. In fact, Coaches encourage Clients to explore new areas of reasoning that allow them to open up to a field of possibilities, as well as help them clearly determine their goals, implement internal and external functional strategies to maximise performance, and stay focused on the result to be obtained. Coaches are therefore performance coaches who bring out potential and start from the assumption that Clients already have strengths present in them.

The fundamental skills of a Coach are active listening and interpersonal communication.
A Coach is not an analyst. He or she has nothing to do with anything pathologically related and does not treat mental disorders.

A Coach doesn't analyse problems and behaviours, neither does he or she look for causes in the past, and neither does he or she treat.

Psychologists investigate reasons and causes, and what has led the patient to behave in a certain way. Coaches work on what the Client wishes for in the present moment, by elaborating on the way to succeed and get closer to the desired state. Hence, a Coach helps the Client develop mental strategies to facilitate the fulfilment of objectives by, as far as reasoning is concerned, unlocking limitations. Coaching, in fact, involves going down a path of awareness.
Consultants do a detailed analysis of the Client's needs and are able to provide them with congruent solutions.

Consultants have a qualification in a specific subject and advise and assist their Clients in carrying out practices or projects by providing information or opinions, as well as by implementing solutions through their own know-how and problem-solving skills.
Coaching does not constitute therapy.
A Coach is a trainer, a motivator, a facilitator in the process of evolution and decision-making, and does not dig into the Client's past to look for the causes of a problem. Neither does he or she make assumptions, but, instead, works by observing facts.
A Coach is not a therapist, a doctor or a psychologist. In case of symptoms and pathologies, it is advisable to always consult your doctor and/or specialist. Any potential notions containing medical-scientific information are only for cognitive, educational and informative purposes that aim to help others make informed choices, and do not constitute a diagnostic or medication tool, and, in no case replace medical advice.
No terms are used on this site for diagnostic, therapeutic or psychological purposes. Some words can be used in a conventional form, but are not representative of medical and/or psychological skills in any way. Coaching is not reimbursable by health insurance providers. Clients are informed of the differences between a Coach and a psychologist.


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