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Models and Celebrities

In this day and age, it is no longer sufficient to have the right image and aesthetic qualities that the market calls for in order to excel in the world of fashion or cinema. Nowadays, the big brands are looking for winning and influential personalities that inspire the masses! Oftentimes, however, creating and seeking to maintain an influential social mask causes individuals to lose touch of their true self, as well as their values and feelings.

Talents are confronted with increasingly demanding industries and sectors in which there is a prevelance of problems related to attitude and operating patterns that are almost exclusively connected to beauty and image. This can create imbalances in the perception of oneself and the world, resulting in a constant sense of malaise.

Mental Coaching and Talent Coaching are based on decades of studies and research of certified transformative and augmentative Coaching methods and long-standing professional experience by our Expert Coach, Claudia Vece, in the management of Talents in international agencies.

Coaching courses allow Talents to activate their internal resources that are necessary to create a healthy psychophysical equilibrium and a state of well-being as their environment continuously demands for their presence. It allows for the creation of Neuro-Emotional Alignment, self-confidence, the acquisition of effective communication, for leadership to come to the fore, the awakening and retrieval of energies, the increase of one's PEMA® (Electro-Magnetic Potential for Attraction) and the ability to manage stress effectively. These are indispensable factors when one is constantly exposed to the general public.

Talent Coaching can be incorporated at any stage of a Talent's career:

  • At the beginning of one's career in order to quickly develop the resources necessary to face competitive and dynamic environments, to create circuits of self-confidence and a solid foundation for a successful personality.
  • In the midst of one's career when you want to take quality to a much higher level, accelerate your professional and personal growth, act during times of crisis or change, or recover one's energies and motivation.
  • At the end of one's career in order to redefine one's life mission, enroll on a developmental educational course focused on well-being and personal growth, take back the reins of one's own life, and for professional retraining.

The role of Mental Coaches is to guide Talents and the people involved in their career to activate the necessary resources and to implement internal strategies that create mental routines so that potential can be activated. The aim is to provide self-coaching methods and to make Talents self-sufficient over time.

Who is it for and how does it work?

Who is it for and how does it work?

Quantasia designs individual Mental Coaching courses for Models and Celebrities.

Courses vary in length, are tailor-made and are designed upon completion of a preliminary meeting between the Talent and our Expert Coach, Claudia Vece, taking into account the needs and objectives of the Talent.

Mental Coaching courses are multidisciplinary and include relational education, the development of one's self-confidence and leadership, as well as techniques in relation to stress management, effective communication, well-being and motivation.

Talents are followed by expert Coach Claudia Vece, H.C.S. ® Coach Expert (Human Cybernetic Science), S.A.N.E® Coach Expert (Neuro-Emotional and Expert System) and NLP. The Coach is also an FSEA-certified Adult Trainer and consultant.

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Coaching does not constitute therapy.
A Coach is a trainer, a motivator, a facilitator in the process of evolution and decision-making, and does not dig into the Client's past to look for the causes of a problem. Neither does he or she make assumptions, but, instead, works by observing facts.
A Coach is not a therapist, a doctor or a psychologist. In case of symptoms and pathologies, it is advisable to always consult your doctor and/or specialist. Any potential notions containing medical-scientific information are only for cognitive, educational and informative purposes that aim to help others make informed choices, and do not constitute a diagnostic or medication tool, and, in no case replace medical advice.
No terms are used on this site for diagnostic, therapeutic or psychological purposes. Some words can be used in a conventional form, but are not representative of medical and/or psychological skills in any way. Coaching is not reimbursable by health insurance providers. Clients are informed of the differences between a Coach and a psychologist.


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