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In September 2019, the first Quantasia Atelier was held at the wonderful Collina d'Oro Resort in Lugano:


Quantasia Ateliers are workshops based on Neuro Emotional Education, which offer participants the opportunity to practice Brain Training techniques (SANE method) and make use of real self-coaching instruments to increase their well-being, to strengthen the flexibility of the nervous system and to increase performance in every sphere of life.        

The Atelier began with theory about mind-brain-body correlations and the functioning of the human system, in line with principles of neuroplasticity, quantum physics, biology and epigenetics. These complex and interesting topics were studied in depth and were discussed by Claudia Vece, supported by the participation of the famous biometric, engineering and forensic expert Daniele Gullà.

Quantasia SA and Daniele Gullà have formed a partnership to carry out surveys for research purposes on the effects that the active and guided meditations based on the principle of neurology (SANE method) have brought to the participants.

For those who practice them daily, the exercises allow tangible results to be achieved in the context of WELL-BEING, SELF-EMPOWERMENT and PERFORMANCE.

Daniele Gullà is interested in biopsychocybernetics, astrophysics, electronics and UV Spectrography. Over the years, these interests have led him to focus his attention on particular fields of research concerning energy and information at the quantum level, and on the development of different devices and technologies for reading vibrational frequencies of living and non-living beings. Its technology is now used in various Courts of Justice in Italy, in airports, in hospitals to support research, in the environmental field and to carry out security inspections in civil infrastructures. Daniele Gullà works with many experts, scientists, doctors, holistic operators and researchers for the understanding of the multidimensional universe and the paradigms of quantum physics. He deals with the research of quantum phenomena where psyche and consciousness find a place. 

Its MIRA camera was developed with a latest-generation military sensor which is sensitive to the spectrum of light generated from X-rays to infrared, with peaks of 90% quantum efficiency. This technology makes it possible to highlight very weak light phenomena of the observed field. In the observation of the human being, this technology is able to detect emotional states with extreme accuracy thanks to different measurements such as the measurement of biophotons. Therefore, it allows to understand whether the observed element is in a state of coherence and well-being, or stress and ill-being.

The collaboration of Daniele Gullà and Claudia Vece is the union between technology and methodology. His participation in the Quantasia Ateliers have in fact a very specific purpose: demonstrating, with scientific and observable measurements, the benefits that the proposed coaching techniques bring to the individuals who practice them.

During September Atelier, Daniele Gullà joined Claudia Vece throughout the day with the purpose of carrying out researches on the quantum vibrational field of the environment and bodies, demonstrating that the practice of Neuro Emotional Education exercises (SANE method) leads to a decrease of ill-being. According to Daniele’s experience with other groups, the state of ill-being, discomfort or impatience grows towards the end of the day. On the contrary, during the Atelier, the group’s state of global wellbeing increased considerably, the group achieved to make the so called quantum leap. These measurements have only concretely and scientifically attested what the participants clearly experienced within themselves and what they shared with the group.

Driven by the curiosity to try and apply the exercises on themselves, the participants took part in the activities with enthusiasm, practicing the techniques and autonomously creating states of coherence and well-being within themselves in a few minutes. Astonishment, wonder, smiles, some tears of joy and emotion and some hugs were their reactions to what they experienced.

Two guests, who already attend the Executive and Life Coaching sessions at the Quantasia SA studio in Lugano, shared their experience and brought further evidence of the results they have achieved in their lives thanks to coaching with Claudia Vece.

A day full of new information and emotions. The participants returned home with greater awareness of who they are, of how they work and of the effects they can produce on themselves in their environment and in their lives. They understood how to create well-being, motivation, the joy of living and how to strengthen their system; with the acquired techniques they will be able to work independently to build their lives with a certified methodology.

After the success of this first edition, Quantasia Ateliers will be back in Lugano on the 25th of January 2020. The Ateliers occur on a quarterly basis and they are a unique opportunity for those who want to make use of empowering methods and make a quantum leap in their lives!

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