“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live” J. W. Von Goethe
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The ego says: "I will feel better when I have settled my problems and things will work well"

The soul replies: "Start feeling better in the present moment, and things will start working well"

One of the greatest lies we tend to tell ourselves is that in the future we will be happier and more serene: maybe when we make more money, we are retired, when we are in a relationship or when we have a family. We live clinging to this illusion as we run through the present moment towards the achievement of our goals in a current of impatience and dissatisfaction. We try to go faster and faster without taking the time to take care about our well-being and inevitably we fall into discomfort, dissatisfaction, states of anxiety, frustration and states of chronic fatigue or burnout.

All Eastern cultures known already that the enemy of human evolution is the impatience, since impatience is proportionally inverse to the level of wellbeing and trust we have in ourselves. 

But what is specifically the self-confidence? Is it a mental or a physical state?

Self-confidence is a current that we perceive in the body, not in the mind, which tend to positively influences our thoughts, our reasoning strategies and our mental wellbeing.

Self-confidence is built through neurologically sequenced exercises, that allow the creation of this wave (the feeling) that flow in the body.

The exercises (ref. S.A.N.E. Method) begin with the training of the bodily feeling of self-overcoming (a feeling that we perceive when we overcome the challenges in life), then continue with emotions of pride, self-esteem, love for oneself and the last is the love for the others. In this way we start to feel the current of self-confidence in the body.

By practicing these neuro-emotional exercises, we access to our body resources related to self-confidence and vital energy, in this psycho-physiological state we feel that everything will be fine and frustration and impatience disappear.

Success in life shall be considered as such when it’s built through a psychophysical current of enthusiasm and well-being

We can evaluate our evolutionary process, by making a self-assessment of our daily emotional state. If the oscillation of our emotions is predominantly between joy and enthusiasm we are on the right track, whereas if we predominantly live in currents such as frustration, anxiety, anger, impotence and guilt, then it is probably the time to train our neurology to the emotional well-being.


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