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Stress and Anxiety

The frenetic society in which we live, the fast pace that we are subjected to on a daily basis and the difficulty in reconciling personal and work commitments lead us to having increased levels of stress and anxiety. In some cases, states of anxiety and stress plague us in moments of relaxation,  when we should really be dedicating ourselves to resting our mind and body, disconnecting from commitments and increasing our well-being. When we fail to create moments of detachment, we begin to perceive constant states of impatience, dissatisfaction and frustration that end up triggering a negative mechanism where the ego takes over and begins to destroy emotional well-being, and interpersonal relationships, and we become unable to take pleasure in the simple things that life offers us.

If we feel constant and sudden emotional ups and downs such as frustration, anger or dissatisfaction and powerlessness, it means our vibrational frequency is mostly immersed in malaise, and due to this vibrational nature external situations will do nothing but feed our state of suffering.

The level of anxiety and stress are inversely proportional to the ability to awaken our internal resources that allow us to live in emotional well-being in spite of external circumstances. The less we have consolidated internal strategies, which support us in times of change and daily challenges, the more we are influenced by the surrounding environment.

Thanks to the S.A.N.E.® method (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System) it is possible to activate the emotional rhythms we need in order to live healthily and to easily succeed in daily challenges.

Who is it for and how does it work?

Who is it for and how does it work?

Quantasia designs targeted courses for the strengthening of emotional circuits of well-being and to allow for the cultivation of an optimistic personality that is immersed in frequencies such as joy and enthusiasm.

During the course, Clients acquire effective tools to implement internal and external strategies that allow them to change their attitude and approach to everyday situations. By changing the way we  function, the results we manifest in the material world change, and the realisation of our desires becomes easier and less demanding.

After a preliminary meeting, a careful analysis of needs and objectives is carried out and a specific course is proposed to strengthen the client's inner world.
Clients learn to use self-coaching techniques and active meditation based on the S.A.N.E.® method (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System). These techniques allow you to regain vital energy, reinforce emotional circuits and increase your well-being that are able to stifle stress and anxiety.

In general, a medium-term course is recommended by our Expert Coach, consisting of several meetings in order to achieve tangible and long-lasting results.

Clients are followed by expert Coach Claudia Vece, H.C.S. ® Coach Expert (Human Cybernetic Science), S.A.N.E® Coach Expert (Neuro-Emotional and Expert System) and NLP. The Coach is also an FSEA-certified Adult Trainer and consultant.

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Coaching does not constitute therapy.
A Coach is a trainer, a motivator, a facilitator in the process of evolution and decision-making, and does not dig into the Client's past to look for the causes of a problem. Neither does he or she make assumptions, but, instead, works by observing facts.
A Coach is not a therapist, a doctor or a psychologist. In case of symptoms and pathologies, it is advisable to always consult your doctor and/or specialist. Any potential notions containing medical-scientific information are only for cognitive, educational and informative purposes that aim to help others make informed choices, and do not constitute a diagnostic or medication tool, and, in no case replace medical advice.
No terms are used on this site for diagnostic, therapeutic or psychological purposes. Some words can be used in a conventional form, but are not representative of medical and/or psychological skills in any way. Coaching is not reimbursable by health insurance providers. Clients are informed of the differences between a Coach and a psychologist.


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