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Talent Agent / Bookers

Quantasia's Mental Coaching for Talent Agents (Bookers) is based on years of business experience in the management of Modeling Agencies and Celebrities by our Coach Expert, Claudia Vece, who, for well over a decade, has held managerial roles in international Talent Management companies.

A Talent Agent's (Booker's) work is particularly exposed to situations of conflict that generate stress and anxiety. Business is dynamic, fast and unforeseen problems are managed precisely because products think, speak, feel emotions and move! In order for Talent Agents to succeed in competitive and sometimes ruthless business situations, they must increase their influence and leadership and use effective communication, as well as plenty of motivation, which is never enough to be able to cope with the constant challenges they have to face up to. Talent Agents are subjected to relentless rhythms and their ability to manage stress effectively allows them to stay competitive.

Mental Coaching for Talent Agents (Bookers) aims to activate resources and provide internal and external strategies that allow Agents to: manage tension and stress, face interpersonal conflicts, increase leadership, excel in their profession, improve relationships with Clients,  and understand how Talents function from a cognitive and behavioural point of view. These qualities bring profound value to their work insofar as they acquire skills in understanding the functioning of human beings and can therefore intervene on several aspects in the management of Talents and become an extremely strategic and important point of reference for Talents, as well as for the company for which they work.

Who is it for and how does it work?

Who is it for and how does it work?

Quantasia designs Mental Coaching courses for both individuals and groups, Talent Agents, Models and Celebrities, and Modeling and Talent Agencies.

Courses vary in length, are tailor-made and are designed upon completion of a preliminary meeting between the Client and our Expert Coach, Claudia Vece, taking into account the needs and objectives of the Client.

A Mental Coaching course is multidisciplinary and incorporates relational education, increased self-confidence, leadership, stress management techniques, effective communication, well-being and motivation.

Clients are followed by expert Coach Claudia Vece, H.C.S. ® Coach Expert (Human Cybernetic Science), S.A.N.E® Coach Expert (Neuro-Emotional and Expert System) and NLP. The Coach is also an FSEA-certified Adult Trainer and consultant.

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Coaching does not constitute therapy.
A Coach is a trainer, a motivator, a facilitator in the process of evolution and decision-making, and does not dig into the Client's past to look for the causes of a problem. Neither does he or she make assumptions, but, instead, works by observing facts.
A Coach is not a therapist, a doctor or a psychologist. In case of symptoms and pathologies, it is advisable to always consult your doctor and/or specialist. Any potential notions containing medical-scientific information are only for cognitive, educational and informative purposes that aim to help others make informed choices, and do not constitute a diagnostic or medication tool, and, in no case replace medical advice.
No terms are used on this site for diagnostic, therapeutic or psychological purposes. Some words can be used in a conventional form, but are not representative of medical and/or psychological skills in any way. Coaching is not reimbursable by health insurance providers. Clients are informed of the differences between a Coach and a psychologist.


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