Molecules of emotion – Candace Pert

Her magnificent work highlights that “informational substances” – neuropeptides and neurotransmitters – are present throughout the body and not only in some parts or in the brain, and act as an instant connector between the different systems and tissues. Candace Pert calls these substances, able to connect the mind to the body, “molecules of emotion”, thus illuminating the scientific world on the importance of peptides (= emotions = hormones). In fact it is estimated that only 2% of neuronal communications are electric, means from synapses to synapses, in reality the brain is chemical, it is a bag of hormones. Consequently, memories are stored throughout the body: in the structure of receptors at the cellular level. The body, Candace Pert explains clearly, is the unconscious mind.

Emotions have largely been ignored within the traditional frames of science and medicine, but they are actually the key to understand the connection between mind-brain-body triad and good health.

Candace Pert (1946 – 2013) was a brilliant neuroscientist who contributed to a radically new understanding of the mind and body, on which today the major studies of neruoscience, biology and PNEI psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology are based.

The SANE technique – Neuro Emotional Alignment System, allows you to create a balance between the different body systems, improving your general state of well-being, allowing you to erase memories, even those subconscious, and to train the body to produce the emotions an individual needs for move forward in life.

Emotions are the engine of life. Making emotions flow means entering the quantum wave that allows you to live freely in the ``here and now``!
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