Corporate Facilitation
Corporate Facilitation

Changes in organisations are now constant, unpredictable and take place in environments with complex structures. Organisations where changes were a rare event do not exist anymore.

Corporate facilitation allows companies to carry out real changes with the support of certified methodologies guiding processes and people.

Our interventions take place following a simultaneous bidirectional flow from the Top-down, starting from the apex for the alignment of the management and the goals definition;

from the Bottom-up, through a process igniting individual contributions for the creation of a highly creative collective mind, which brings engagement towards change. This attitude is necessary for the evolution of a business.

We promote collective intelligence and develop cooperative decision making abilities for the creation of processes and relationships required for the growth of organisations.

Lego Serious play Quantasia Lugano

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitation methodology based on the utilisation of LEGO® bricks to enhance individual expression and confrontation for the organisational development. A collective perspective is created by facilitating the integration of ideas, which allows to accelerate decision-making processes and individual/collective tasks ownership.

Through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we convey the representation of ideas or situations, which are not immediately visible, and facilitate the sharing process recognising the value of everyone’s knowledge and competences.

The expected results of the workshop are trust within the resources throughout the organisation, a collaborative and productive environment and mutual effort in realising a shared plan right from the following day.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a methodology developed in the nineties by the Lausanne-based IMD (International Institute for Management Development), generated from the theories of the Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980), and is now recognised as one of the most effective facilitation methodologies.

Mapps® is an organisational development methodology which uses the map’s metaphorical language in order to transform business challenges into a clear and shared roadmap. As a result, it helps building an individual and collective action plan facilitating the achievement of objectives.

We use mapps® to encourage confrontation, collaboration and sharing on strategic choices allowing the resources to orient themselves in the organisational context while making them proactive and autonomous when taking decisions.

Thanks to this methodology we can translate complex organisational and change challenges into a common language which accelerates processes and allows the management to monitor results and adjust behaviours along the way.

Strategic tool for facilitating the alignment of resources towards the achievement of objectives
Easy-to-integrate tool for Innovation Research Labs
Effective tool for defining the strategic vision
Support tool for determining objectives and monitoring results
Building success in an organization means investing interpersonally!

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