Quantasia SA
Quantasia SA

Quantasia SA was born with the desire to support people, teams and organisations in their change and development processes.

Our focus is the transformation and change starting from the inside (the person) to the outside (the context of life / the company). We work on the development and empowerment of the person for the enhancement of performances and results.

Thanks to our know-how, we have developed a multidisciplinary coaching method that results in an experiential and transformative educational practice which promotes both individual and collective awareness, for a culture of 

understanding and progress within the business world, schools and families.

The uniqueness of our services lies in the ability to apply various techniques and methodologies across the board according to the contexts, either for individuals or organisations, ensuring versatile and effective services.

To operate with the highest quality and performance standards, we use certified techniques and methodologieswhile respecting the quality standards of EduQua, the quality label of continuing education in Switzerland.

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Our goal is to bring the education of sustainable change and empowerment to people, teams and organisations through a multidisciplinary approach, placing the person at the heart of the transformation process.
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We contribute to the evolutionary process of people and organisations, promoting change in the individual and corporate consciousness alongside the assumption of responsibility, coherence and co-creation.
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We are animated by the passion to co-create new forms of reality with our customers while maintaining their well-being as our main value. We believe in the uniqueness of the person and its development potential. We build trustworthy relationships during the transformation process.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt