Quantasia Atelier 25/02/20

Quantasia Atelier 25/02/20


Quantasia Atelier 25/01/20


Quantasia Sa Lugano

Emotional Wellbeing: the secret for a successful life


An entire day of mental and emotional fitness with Claudia Vece.

Quantasia Ateliers allow you to independently create Emotional Wellbeing, that is the fuel for strengthening and effortless performance!

If you want to let go of the negative habits and emotions that feed your self-sabotaging behaviours, if you want to understand why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life and why change is so difficult for most people, then don’t wait : sign up and allow yourself to experience a day full of success strategies!

During this Atelier the participants understood the neuroscience of creation and acquired the internal strategies to create a new personality, optimistic and capable of attracting opportunities to themselves!

Target audience
Anyone who wishes to acquire internal strategies for change, well-being and success. Children under eighteen must be accompanied, minimum age thirteen. Read the general conditions carefully.

Veronique FolloPilates teacher

Quantasia Ateliers far exceeded my already high expectations.

I want to commit myself to deepen and apply these learned techniques because I want a joyful life.

I felt enriched in personal growth.

Jolie ZocchiFashion photographer

The Atelier Quantasia helps to understand how to manage emotions and feelings in a totally scientific way.

The practical exercises, learned during the Atelier, are a powerful daily tool if you want to change your approach to your life!


Quantasia Ateliers has been a very nice emotional and personal growth experience, I recommend anyone to do it! A nice experience that allow you to know better your emotions and your potential.


When you desire something deeply, the Universe organizes itself to give it to you.

Claudia and her energy, her enthusiasm, accompany you in a unique way in the first steps to reach this awareness and this great truth.


I felt comfortable, assisted and supported. What I want most to do after this experience is to become aware of my thoughts, analyze and modify them to achieve well-being, happiness and bring good opportunities in my life. THANK YOU.

Flavia Pistilli

Since two months now, I have been following the path suggested by Claudia and I feel much more aware of myself and I have the impression that people realize this change of mine as they value me much more. THANKS CLAUDIA.

Alexandra MeierStudent

I really liked the practical part of Quantasia Atelier, it allows you to better understand how to control yourself.


It is a moment, a path, which is worth living because it is about one’s life.

A moment to live together with Claudia who embodies and represents her own teachings.


I really liked the experience of the Ateliers Quantasia and I would love that there is multi-day Ateliers!!


I liked the experience of Quantasia Ateliers very much, it gave me new awareness and intrigued me to go to deepen many notions learned. The day passed lightly and quickly, so I would like Quantasia to organize Ateliers of several days.


I participated in Quantasia Ateliers and I understood that it is the right tool to be able to change your life. The good conscience and the method to succeed are transmitted.


Thanks to Quantasia Ateliers I was able to understand that there is the possibility of taking our life in hand and, through the tools and the exercise, we can achieve the objectives that we set.


The course made me understand what are the biochemical bases for which we always fall into the same mechanisms of denial, often wrong, and how change is very difficult.