Ateliers Online
Group Coaching

Ateliers Online
Group Coaching


Online Ateliers – Group Coaching

2020 – 2021

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Emotional Wellbeing: the secret for a successful life


An entire day of mental and emotional fitness with Claudia Vece.

Quantasia Ateliers allow you to independently create Emotional Wellbeing, that is the fuel for strengthening and effortless performance!

If you want to let go of the negative habits and emotions that feed your self-sabotaging behaviours, if you want to understand why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life and why change is so difficult for most people, then don’t wait : sign up and allow yourself to experience a day full of success strategies!

During this Atelier the participants understood the neuroscience of creation and acquired the internal strategies to create a new personality, optimistic and capable of attracting opportunities to themselves!

Target audience
Anyone who wishes to acquire internal strategies for change, well-being and success. Children under eighteen must be accompanied, minimum age thirteen. Read the general conditions carefully.

Joana Santos Andrade

I have been following Quantasia Instagram for a while and I was keen to discover more so when I saw that you were doing an online workshop I knew I needed to do it.

I wanted to discover more about how I could achieve more in my life. And this workshop just showed me that all that is possible, I just need to work my brain by applying some techniques that we have learn during the workshop.
I had a great experience and the way Claudia connected with us was the key to understand the potential we all have, her approach and connection with us even in an online environment was great.

I have loved every minute and I am fascinated by what we can achieve training our brain.

I believe this is the beginning of a personal transformation!
Thank you Claudia for introduce me to this fascinating subject, I will never forget this experience.

I will recommend you Claudia to all my friends that are unsatisfied with life, is so easy to be happy but people love to complicate, and being introduced to this subject may help them to see life in another perceptive.


I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to better explore my emotional well-being and inner intelligence.
This Atelier Online helped me to unlock some barriers and to really start to question where I’m going and how.
I know realize how much more help I need in unlocking my potential inside of me for a better quality life. I believe it’s never too late.
I would recommend this Online Coaching to anyone that wants a peek into the realm of possibilities within themselves and needs help to do so.


In one day of Group Coaching, I realized how important is to be aware of change, and how much I will befefit by continuing the change process with Claudia. Let’s continue to train the brain and our success.

I would recommend this course to all my friends with kids and problems in life.