Neuro Emotional Coaching
Neuro Emotional Coaching

Neuro Emotional Coaching is an experience of profound transformation.

Based on principles of neuroscience, biology and quantum physics with the integration of the practice of the Neuro Emotional Alignment System (SANE® method), this path is one of the most fundamental life experiences that a human being can undertake for himself.

A total immersion path based on self-coaching techniques that allow you to become independent and autonomous in the realisation of your goals.

Neuro Emotional Coaching aims to train mind and body to work together and in the same direction to achieve your goals; you are going to learn how to activate the Emotional Wellbeing that your mind and body need, to face life challenges with balance and trust.

The exercises of the SANE® method that we will practice together are 100% reproducible and they guarantee tangible and extraordinary results.

The SANE® method exercises are going to help you independently let go of constraining beliefs registered by your subconscious that hinder your ability to succeed. You are going to acquire strategies to detox your body from emotional addictions and you will totally regain your power without being a victim of external circumstances or of your past anymore. By increasing your potential you will become the architect of your life!

By creating the alignment between mind and body in a state of total Emotional Wellbeing, you reach an unexpected potential that will allow you to attract people and circumstances that will lead you to the realisation of your visions.

Discover the art of effortless performance, learn how to work in Emotional Wellbeing to enhance trust and create luck: more ideas and intuition, more energy in action, more charisma and therefore more results!

Coaching in Lugano or online


Alignment with your own values. Increase in wellbeing and drastic decrease in negative emotional states (helplessness, uncertainty, …) and stress. Increase in motivation and focus, definition of short, medium and long-term objectives.


Increase in self-confidence, self-esteem and desire to outdo yourself and obtain more results. Greater awareness of your own potential and birth of an optimistic and influential personality which gets involved in the change process. Qualitative leap in all spheres of life.


Integration of the acquired strategic notions and techniques, beginning of the autonomy and self-coaching process. Connection to intuition and activation of innate resources. Total wellbeing, high emotions and alignment. Increase of PEMA® and manifestation of results.

Neuro Emotional Coaching is recommended for those:
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