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Quantasia Sa Lugano

Human Capital Development Training for Mentoring in Education

The project
Quantasia SA and the Ensinus Group have created the “Human Capital Development through Mentoring and Coaching in Schools” project. The project in its initial phase was carried out over two years, 2018 and 2019. About 200 teachers attended, as well as the directors of schools and the central directors of the Corporate area. Ensinus has about twenty educational institutions based on the territories of Portugal and Africa.

Training contents
Training based on the personal development of teachers through the development of Soft Skills, the development of emotional intelligence with Neuro Emotional training, the deepening of the role values ​​of teachers and alignment with company values ​​and vision of the Group, which is currently carrying out school reform for a profound transformation in teaching methods.

Purpose of the training
Provide teachers with concrete tools to improve their interpersonal communication and to better manage relationships with students and colleagues; improve their resistance to stress, increase the personal well-being and well-being of students; increase their awareness of the complexity of the human system from a cybernetic point of view.

Target audience

Joana Cristina Rodrigues FreitasErasmus Manager

My experience with Claudia was profound, meaningful and pleasant.

She is really a good coach, she made us feel heard and understood, creating a sharing environment.

The course was full of interesting information and clearly explained, there were individual, group and professional growth moments.

Being able to experiment with the techniques of the SANE method together with my colleagues was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks, Claudia! Your preparation and your methods have awakened me and now I will continue to work on myself following your advice.

I feel like a new and motivated person, I recommend this experience to everyone.

Manuel PintoIT Coordinator / Professor

I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of the training, but now I’ve learned that emotions and thoughts can have a strong impact on your body and that there are techniques that allow you to manage them.

I recommend this training to all my collogues.

Tiago GomesPsychologist

This training is very different from other corporate trainings.

Claudia’s great scientific preparation and the depth of some of the topics covered, created an experience that changed my life.

Diana MonteiroCommerce Course Coordinator

I am grateful to Claudia for passing on her knowledge and for the kindness with which she has treated some more delicate and personal matters.

Mariana Libano

This training is really important for teachers and professors, because it allows to evolve at a professional and a personal level.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about himself and expand his knowledge.