Corporate Training
Corporate Training

We design and carry out tailored trainings and coaching groups for companies, educational institutes and any other public or private entity. Every course provides managers and collaborators experiential paths oriented towards behavioural development and empowerment, increasing responsibility and consciousness.

We promote an evolutionary educational practice aimed at the transformation of the inner world in order to nurture human relationships and both individual and collective wellbeing.

Digital solutions for HR


We work with leading international companies in the creation of digital platforms for the research, management and evaluation of human resources.

This technology allows companies to structure and digitize the various processes in the HR field: hiring, performance management, assessments and analysis of skills, considerably simplifying the work of HR personnel with a relative reduction of costs.

This technology also offers several digital and customizable Soft Skills tests. These tests allow to detect the abilities, skills and psychological style of the collaborator, respecting the role and functions of the candidate that should be included in the staff.

The tests were carried out in decades of scientific research in comparison with the management needs of the human resources of hundreds of public and private organizations.

The integration of these innovative tools in the management of human resources allows you to make choices which are more strategic and aligned with business needs.


Soft Skills are cognitive relational and communicative abilities that differentiate themselves from competences and technical abilities connected to specific tasks or roles. They are the personal characteristics allowing us to effectively interact with our surrounding environment.

The heritage of employees’ soft skills represents the most precious capital that companies need to care about and develop, as they ensure collaboration and trust.

Our experiential trainings are tailored with the objective to create a path with the resources towards an improvement in their attitude within the company by strengthening their leadership. Thanks to a scientific approach based on neuro communication, the participants learn how to communicate effectively and build trustworthy relationships improving their people management and teamworking skills.

During trainings, the participants learn to observe themselves and to become self-aware, also understanding relationships dynamics. As a result, they become responsible of the change process towards individual and collective success.

Soft Skills
Performance Skills


Neuro Emotional Education is a coaching methodology. It encourages the nervous system to learn from positive experiences through the empowerment of thoughts and emotions, activating the best physical, emotional and mental resources, in favour of wellbeing and performance.

Similarly to training for an athlete, the Neuro Emotional Education efficiently prepares the resources to face challenges: optimistic mindset, greater stress resistance, increased energy and motivation, enhanced focus, efficiency and sharpness, increased wellbeing.

As a result, working environment and results significantly improve thanks to an increase in efficiency and personal qualitative standards.

Neuro Emotional Education trainings are recommended for companies willing to invest in their resources in a strategic and innovative way, in order to increase collective awareness and to strengthen the entire business.


Team building training consists of the association of experiential activities with training contents, which allow the participants to acquire a set of skills identified with the client, to develop a common vision, to create group cohesion and reflections.

It is an effective training tool that facilitates exchange and interaction while maintaining the acquisition of knowledge and skills at the centre of the training process.

The goal is to convey a sense of belonging and the understanding that only everyone’s collaboration and active participation leads to the achievement of results and success in large ventures.

Building success in an organization means investing interpersonally.

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