Executive and Business Coaching

Executive Coaching consists of an individual support focused on strengthening the manager or the entrepreneur‘s Soft Skills nurturing the empowerment and the development of their leadership. The aim is to optimise performance in business execution and people management.

Business Coaching is specifically designed to aid the manager or the entrepreneur from the perspective of management and business strategies aimed at the optimisation of business results.

The flexible interchange of the acquired methodologies and the years of experience in the management of international companies, led Quantasia SA towards the development of a multidisciplinary approach to Executive and Business Coaching.

The approach combines the manager‘s personal development with the business strategic support, simultaneously improving quality of life and results within the company.

Our coaching method develops in three main phases that lead to the manifestation of tangible results: Emotional Wellbeing, Empowerment, Performance.

Our Executive and Business Coaching method is designed for managers and entrepreneurs willing to take on a challenge and revolutionise constraining mindsets which hinder growth within the personal life and the business. It is highly recommended for those willing to step up their game, reach new goals and create new forms of realitystarting from the activation of their own resources.

Coaching in Lugano or online


Alignment with your own values and vision definition. Growth in motivation and focus with significant reduction of negative emotional states (uncertainty, helplessness) and stress.


Growth in leadership and self-confidence. Significant improvements in human resources and business management thanks to the integration of a more structured managerial approach with an optimistic and influential personality engaging the resources.


Connection with intuition and activation of innate resources. Integration of strategic notions and acquired techniques. Achievement of results and complete satisfaction. Definition of new goals.

Building success in an organization means investing interpersonally

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