Miguel Vieira da Rocha

Miguel Vieira da Rocha

Success Story
Success Story

Miguel Vieira da Rocha


Quantasia Sa Lugano

My wife and I are entrepreneurs, we live and work together since twenty years and we have four kids between 6 and 15 years old.

Our life has always been very challenging: we moved internationally our home a couple of times with the whole family, we opened some companies in different countries and my wife is an influencer and the most well-known interior design in Portugal.

All these challenges brought us at some point where alone we could not handle anymore: we were both exhausted and without energy; this was the moment we met Claudia.

In the beginning we thought to ask her support for our business, as she is a Business Coach with a high experience in managing companies, but as soon as she saw us, she was really clear: you must recover your state of well-being, decrease your stress, you have to get out of the survival mode if you want to work better and generate more!

We did not know if she was the right person, but we knew we needed support.

This is how our journey started! It is now two years that we work with Claudia and her coaching is precious and absolutely useful.

I believe the major skill of Claudia is her ability to understand business and companies at the same level she understands the well-being and balance of a human being. The scientific approach of her methodology is powerful to understand yourself, others and your business.

She is able to manage complex situation and to decorticate them in a simple and comprehensive way.

Claudia is helping us in different aspects of our life: wellbeing and stress management, relationship with kids and couple dynamics, management of the business, sales and people management. She helps us to maintain focus on priorities, not to lose our energies, to stay centered and to strategize our thoughts and actions, and of course she motivates us all the time.

With Claudia we work hard, she wants us to get over our limits and to take actions in our lives. She is competent, professional, prepared and she understands how to cope with difficult and complex situations.

My wife and I went through a profound transformation, today we are more balanced and more in control of our lives.

If you are looking for a strategic Coach, might be a Business Coach or a Life Coach, I would recommend her.

Thank you, Claudia, for supporting us!