Change Management
Change Management

Change processes in a company are among the major challenges the management can experience, as they entail the integration of technical aspects with organisational and human ones.

We act ahead of time, planning the change phases with the management (top-down) and orienting the resources in the organisational complexity building with them (bottom-up) the action plans allowing them to act consciously in the change phases.


When the strategies are designed and generated from the outside towards the employees, there’s a risk of finding obstacles that are hard to predict for those who are not involved in the process and those resistant resources who protect their work.

Our focus is on supporting companies in the implementation of new processes starting from the inside, recognising the value of people and actively engaging them, making them responsible in the organisational transformation process.

We use certified facilitation methodologies in order to extract the most significant contributions of the involved resources and to ensure reliability and effectiveness in the intervention process.


The resources need to orient themselves in the organisational environment in order to act consciously and autonomously and to proactively follow the change process.

When resources feel disoriented within the organisational context, they tend to display counterproductive and obstructive behaviours towards change.

The aim is to support companies in change processes following the resources in the integration of new behavioural models, respecting the peculiarity of the organisational culture (culture coaching).

In particular, our service is focused on empowering managers in order to let them become key players in the organisational transformation process and engage work teams with dynamism.

Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure!

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