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Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Ticino: the guide to successful personal and business management

You’re an entrepreneur and you want to take a leap forward both personally and professionally? You need entrepreneurial coaching!

Claudia Vece – 13 June 2024

In the world of entrepreneurship, among the many resources available, entrepreneurial coaching stands out as a crucial opportunity for the personal development of the entrepreneur as well as for the development of the business. Also known as Entrepreneurial Coaching, this personalized support is tailored for SMEs in the canton of Ticino, offering targeted assistance in goal setting, managing daily challenges, and strategic planning.

Coaching is the growth tool for entrepreneurs

The life of an entrepreneur is a frenetic succession of decisions and actions; constant demands and responsibilities often leave little room for strategic reflection. With entrepreneurial coaching in Ticino from Quantasia SA, a vital channel of confrontation and support opens up with a Coach-Entrepreneur, Claudia Vece – Owner of Quantasia SA, who lives daily and directly the entrepreneurial experience.

Too often, entrepreneurs find themselves alone in their decisions, longing for an exchange with other professionals who share their challenges. It’s not easy to share and to find someone capable of listening and reflecting constructively, which is why Quantasia’s coaching method becomes a valuable ally in the decision-making process for Ticino entrepreneurs, offering fresh perspectives and innovative strategies.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker

The power of coaching in business

The effectiveness of coaching is widely recognized, even by data: studies show that while traditional training can improve staff productivity by up to 22%, individual coaching can lead to an improvement of up to 88%.

This tool, long adopted by large companies, is now also available for SMEs in the canton of Ticino seeking coaching for their businesses, offering a significant competitive advantage for both the entrepreneur and the entire company.

Quantasia specializes in supporting Ticino entrepreneurs in coaching, guiding them through their personal and entrepreneurial transformation.

Claudia Vece, CEO of Quantasia

The benefits of the Quantasia method in coaching for entrepreneurs

Thanks to Quantasia’s coaching for entrepreneurs in Ticino, the entrepreneur develops a new, winning, and balanced personality capable of generating tangible progress and benefits, both personally and professionally, such as:

  • Creation of entrepreneurial identity.
  • Clarity in roles and responsibilities within the company.
  • Ability to effectively manage change and adapt quickly to new challenges.
  • Mediation and people management skills.
  • Effective management of internal conflicts and team dynamics.
  • Development of delegation capability and team accountability.
  • Enhancement of business strategies and market appeal.


These are just a few aspects of entrepreneurial growth that are linked to an internal transformation of personality. Through personal growth with Quantasia’s coaching method, the entrepreneur gains greater self-confidence, inner peace, and mental clarity, enabling them to make more conscious choices and take more meaningful actions.

Entrepreneur coaching in Ticino not only provides valuable support for overcoming the daily challenges of business but also offers an opportunity for continuous personal and professional growth. Investing in one’s development as a leader means investing in the long-term success of the company.

If you’re an entrepreneur in Ticino wishing to improve the quality of your life as well as your personal and professional evolution, contact us for a free analysis. Together, we will develop a personalized entrepreneurial and personal development plan.

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