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INETE – Institute De Educação Tecnica

July 2019

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Human Capital Development Training for Mentoring in Education

The project
Quantasia SA and the Ensinus Group have created the “Human Capital Development through Mentoring and Coaching in Schools” project. The project in its initial phase was carried out over two years, 2018 and 2019. About 200 teachers attended, as well as the directors of schools and the central directors of the Corporate area. Ensinus has about twenty educational institutions based on the territories of Portugal and Africa.

Training contents
Training based on the personal development of teachers through the development of Soft Skills, the development of emotional intelligence with Neuro Emotional training, the deepening of the role values ​​of teachers and alignment with company values ​​and vision of the Group, which is currently carrying out school reform for a profound transformation in teaching methods.

Purpose of the training
Provide teachers with concrete tools to improve their interpersonal communication and to better manage relationships with students and colleagues; improve their resistance to stress, increase the personal well-being and well-being of students; increase their awareness of the complexity of the human system from a cybernetic point of view.

Target audience

Susana MachadoComputing Management and Systems Programming Form Tutor

I loved this training!

It was a very powerful experience, it changed my life!

Step by step we were given the tools to change our way of thinking, turning negative thoughts into joy.

I am a teacher and after 25 years of career I can say that this training was the most important I have ever done.

I recommend it to all teachers!

Rosario CruzIntegration Area Coordinator

I am so grateful for this experience, it was very significant and important to me.

My life should be more joyful and serene, I have learned that I must value myself and what I possess more.

I recommend this training to all, everyone should have this opportunity.

José CostaTeacher

It was really nice to share emotions and points of view with my colleagues, I recommend this training to every company!

Cristina BasilioPortuguese Lessons Coordinator

It was important for me to do this training at this time of year and especially at this time of my life.

It was a transformative experience and it was nice to share it with people I’ve worked with for 20 years.

School is like a second home and it is extremely important to work to improve ourselves as teachers, changing our inner balance and the way we think.

Teachers deal with young human beings, we must show them the way to a life full of love and joy.

Marta ChambelTeacher


For me it was an experience that pushed me to want to change, to transform myself.

Claudia, keep doing these formations, the world needs inspirational people like you!

Ricardo Alves

I found this training very relevant and interesting, both personally and professionally.

It provided me with useful tools to face the challenges of our era.

It would be nice to give this training to young students too.

Ana AlmeidaMechanics Form Tutor

It was an incredible journey, I reconnected to myself and now I feel good!

All the topics covered were very significant and very well explained.

Thanks a lot!

I recommend this training to people working in the health and medical sector.

JoaoAutomobile Mechatronics Form Tutor

Open your heart, open your mind and go!

This training was the top!


Very, very important training! Thank you!

All people need to take care of themselves to take care of others.


Being able to stay with Claudia and listen to her was the experience of life!

I felt strong emotions and I was able to reflect on myself and others.

Luis PiresElectronics Coordinator

Claudia is a fantastic Coach, she transmits positive emotions and thoughts to all participants.

Please return the next years too!

Fernanda TorresDirector

I recommend this experience to everyone.

We should be aware that the way we lead our life is a choice, we can be stuck in a stressful and unhappy life or we can choose to value the things that make us happy and that make us rich.

A life changing experience!