Quantasia Atelier 28/09/19

Quantasia Atelier 28/09/19


Quantasia Atelier 28/09/19


Quantasia Sa Lugano

An entire day of mental and emotional fitness with Claudia Vece.

Quantasia Ateliers allow you to independently create Emotional Wellbeing, that is the fuel for strengthening and effortless performance!

If you want to let go of the negative habits and emotions that feed your self-sabotaging behaviors, if you want to understand why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life and why change is so difficult for most people, then don’t wait: sign up and experience a day full of success strategies!

During this Atelier the participants understood the neuroscience of creation and acquired the internal strategies to create a new personality, optimistic and capable of attracting opportunities to themselves!

Target audience
Anyone who wishes to acquire internal strategies for change, well-being and success. Children under eighteen must be accompanied, minimum age thirteen. Read the general conditions carefully.


Very interesting and profound experience!

It allows you to have the scientific confirmations of what we often imagine about the way we function and on the way we can influence our lives, unfortunately we know these things only in part and in some cases we are even not aware of it.

Edith Jo CapraroStudent

The concept of well-being as presented today, has helped me remember how powerful the mind is.

I didn’t know what to expect, but at the end of the day I feel so satisfied!

I saw and perceived the energy I created around me, I felt my emotions and those of others.

We are a universe to discover, and it is extremely fascinating.

Ercole ConteEngineer

Starting from a skeptic position but open to understand more about it, I could experience the practice of emotional awakening and lightening of feellings of life in an instant, and this is impressive!

We need to train our emotional well-being also with these tools.

Go for the emotional well-being!

Maura Fassbind

We cannot change or control the events in our life, but we can change the way we experience them.

Following this method, I acquired balance, joy, bright encounters, confidence in the future.

I hope that more and more people can benefit from it, it’s absolutely worth it!

Claudia is a discovery and a gift from both a human and a professional point of view.

Vanessa Blum

It was a pleasant and interesting experience. I feel I have “raised” my vibration.

Simple and apparently banal exercises are taught which have a remarkable result in your life.

You feel better, more relaxed, more positive, more in peace with the world and even more self-confident.

Sandra GalliInternational Scouting Office

I thank Claudia for giving me the opportunity to learn the secret of success in life and to be able to increase my emotional well-being in full autonomy.

Claudia knows how to make people feel confortable and her teaching method is of high quality.


A strong sharing experience but also a confirmation that wellbeing is easy to reach.

Alignment is essential.