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October 2019

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Company training to innovate the way to grow together!

Training contents

Two days full of activities to stimulate the confrontation the participants. A path of learning of interpersonal communication and relational dynamics to reduce conflict and promote collaboration.

Analysis and understanding of role values ​​and corporate values.

Target audience
Directors and Managers

Elena GoncharDeputy Administration Manager

Thanks to this corporate training, I take home the importance of the concept of co-creation which is fundamental for our evolution and satisfaction in all areas of life.

I have acquired the importance of the concept of welcome and acceptance to be applied in relationships with others.

We cannot change others to make them similar to us: we accept and save energy.

Everyone would need to receive this type of training and information to improve relationships. Thanks Claudia!

Christian NalonEquipment Engineering Manager

Techniques and methods to improve my communication with others, both professionally and privately.

I recommend the corporate training of Quantasia to alll people responsible for the coordination of groups.

Mattia AgostiResponsabile Produzione

This corporate training allowed me to make a profound reflection on my working attitude and understand more about some behavioral dynamics of the people I work with every day.

I would recommend the trainings of Quantasia to all adults.

Emilia InfusinoPurchase Manager

In this company training I have acquired techniques to relate better and have greater control in case of conflicts.

Learn to take time to not react instinctively, but to accept and re-set the relationship with a positive attitude. I would recommend Quantasia training to people who need to learn to open up and relate better.

Eleonora PortaResponsible QA

This training was an important redefinition of corporate roles and values.

A good time to re-connect with colleagues and listen to each other.

A great time also to listen to the management through Claudia.

I would recommend this training to all company functions and roles.

Giovanni FrigerioChief Scientific Officer

I have gained much more awareness of our corporate values.

I would recommend Quantasia training courses to any company.

Luca PergolesiLogistics and Warehouse Manager

These two days of corporate training allowed me to understand the relational dynamics and how to act and behave in case of conflicts.

Daniela FiglioliProject Manager

I improved my vision of what happens to my interlocutors when I relate to them and I learned that I have to take the time to understand how to relate to people, things and facts, to save my energy and the one of others.

I recommend the Quantasia corporate training course to all those who are ready to re-discuss their own schemes.

Marco TerminiIT Specialist Junior

This training has provided a solid starting point for developing future relationships between colleagues and family members.

I feel I have an advantage thanks to my recent entry into the company, however these days increase the awareness regarding the hard work needed on interpersonal relationships and the will to cultivate them.

I would recommend this course to any team, even out of workplace contest.

Anna RosielloDeputy Human Resources Manager

I could see my limits. My goals are defined. My role in Jetpharma is more clear, I know where I want to go and I know where the Company wants to go. I absolutely recommend Quantasia trainings to anyone who deals with others, so to everyone!


I would definitely recommend Quantasia’s corporate training course to anyone.

It was a beautiful experience: useful, fascinating and fun. Thanks Claudia!