Jetpharma SA – Business Training

Jetpharma SA – Business Training





Balerna – Swiss

October 2021

Quantasia Sa Lugano


“Corporate training to innovate the way to grow together”

The purpose of these two days of training was to provide the participants with concrete tools to increase personal reflection and transversal skills in order to create greater awareness in their role as department managers.

Participants were able to acquire the skills necessary to effectively manage a work team, People Management skills, making use of communication and mediation techniques. They also understood how conflicts arise in the company and they acquired the strategies to manage them effectively.

Furthermore, the participants explored the value aspects related to their management style, reinforcing their own system of values ​​and thus being able to convey them clearly to the collaborators.

All the learning areas explored during the course were intended to further develop the professional identity and leadership of the department heads for the companies Jetpharma SA and Munit SA.

This training was also chosen by the company to share corporate values ​​and to allow each member to understand and integrate them deeply through team building activities.

Target audience: Jetpharma SA and Munit SA Corporate department managers

Denis CarforaLaboratory Coordinator

I am happy I took part in this training course because it allowed me to see my colleagues’ “human” side, which normally remains a little bit hidden in the workplace and therefore it was an excellent point for our team building.

In addition, it was very useful and effective because it also provided me with very positive teachings regarding the way we communicate and the way we manage the relationship for a first and effective approach with my interlocutor.

Francesco MancusoProduction shift manager

This path is essential for everyone. It would be the solution for forming a team and solving important work problems, allowing you to increase empathy and trust in the relationship with your collaborators in order to achieve greater balance and productivity.

I think it would have been important to do this training from the very beginning, as it opened my mind. It allowed me to look inside myself and to relate to others in a better way. I reiterate that everyone should take this path.

Clara PetroniDeputy Head of Production Office

A useful training on communication and all its facets, starting from oneself and from the inner self, to the outside and the interlocutors. It was helpful and inspiring; it helped me understand how to better manage my colleagues’ behaviours and it taught me to have a different point of view in approaching people. I have certainly refined my way of communicating. The course was lively and engaging and not boring at all. Claudia put us at ease and managed to make each of us express. I would recommend this course to people who have management roles at the company level.

Maurizio PiovesanDeputy Head of Production Shift

This training has created synergy in the group and has left a lot of optimism, which for us is a great strength in order to move forward together. I felt good and it was a moment of exchange with colleagues. I have also understood many things about myself. Thanks.

Alessandro QuagliaraProduction Shift Manager

It is a course that deserves to be repeated! The trainer has certainly helped me better myself because she has given me the right tools to move forward in cultivating healthy relationships with people around me. Thanks!

Surely courses of this calibre can only bring benefits to corporate and personal well-being. Personally, I have understood that it is important how we interpose with others since each person has feelings, a personality and a character that are different from mine and therefore I must improve myself as well in listening and interface in a constructive and authentic way to face everything with much more serenity. I hope to repeat another such constructive experience soon.


Antonio De ConteDeputy Head of Production Shift

It was a very important course to train people. It improves self-esteem, it teaches a lot and prepares to face in a calm way both the working day and the rest of the time we spend in daily life.

Alan MazzucchiProduction Shift Manager

Constructive course with valid notions to put into practice with my colleagues. I think it’s useful to improve myself in my role and do my best for my company.

I thank my company for this training as it is useful for making us grow both in life and in work. Thanks!

Alessio CalabreseWarehouse Coordinator

During these two days of training I understood how to relate to the people in the company and how to find a meeting point where I did not have the opportunity. It will be easier now to take the right path for an excellent continuation of team work thanks to the tools provided by the training. Thanks to Jetpharma for this opportunity.

Great training! After this two-day course I feel much better in relating to other people. I will gladly recommend this beautiful training course to anyone who needs it. Thanks Claudia!

Massimo QuagliaraDeputy Head of Production Shift

This training course has helped me to review my position in the company, it has allowed me to get to know myself better and to improve my communication with other people.

My impressions are positive about the knowledge and the benefits acquired. I am trying to learn and with training and perseverance I will try to put everything into practice.

Pablo Daniele MuraLaboratory Coordinator

This two-day training was very useful and effective, it provided me with new tools that I can apply to relationships, and it has offered me new ways to manage communication in the company. It has also put me in front of some personal aspects to work on.

Davide MolinariProduction Office Coordinator

It is undoubtedly an interesting course that offers food for thought.

Constant application of content is required to fully achieve self-control and self-management of one’s emotions and behaviour. It is a course suitable for all those who want to improve themselves in the relationship with themselves and with others. With activities and simple examples, the trainer was able to demonstrate how complex the human being is and how important it is to be able to relate to others.