2020 – 2021

Quantasia Sa Lugano


The project

The corporate coaching project was aimed at the heads of corporate functions, with the aim of supporting resources in the development and strengthening of managerial posture, and took place in fifteen individual sessions.

Managers have developed neuro-emotional skills with Neuro Emotional Coaching, these consist in the self-regulation of moods (stress, fears, anxieties, emotional brakes) in favor of well-being and mental clarity. Greater confidence, motivation and grit have led to improved work performance.

The managers also developed their soft skills in order to improve their ability in people management and conflict resolution. Through specific Mental Coaching tools, managers have increased their understanding of the organizational context, have developed critical thinking and analytical thinking.

Mattia AgostiProduction Manager - Jetpharma SA

I have always thought I had a very «powerful» mindset, but also that I had behaviours limits, influenced by the lack of tools, such as communication tools, which prevented me from expressing my potential at 100%. For this reason, with my company, we have decided to undertake a coaching path. I love my job very much and I always need to feel challenged: giving 200% and setting the rhythm, but to manage 30 people is not enough.

Claudia has certainly helped me, at first confirming and enhancing the positivity that emerges in the relationship between me and my work and confirming the potential I feel within me, and then providing me with tools to always keep those emotions linked to success active, which give me the fuel to always give the best. I have learned to better manage my communication according to the situations. We often let ourselves be influenced by experiences and emotional brakes: Claudia gave me the strategies to overcome these barriers and to always have a favourable mindset in front of every situation or people with whom I confront every day at work.

Anna RosielloHR Manager - Jetpharma SA

When I joined Jetpharma in 2017 I was a very different person, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR sector but also with two negative experiences in the last two companies where I had previously worked and this had changed me into a closed and fearful person. I have always been a hard worker but I had lost the joy of human contact because I no longer had faith in people, especially in the workplace.

Mobbing destroys a person’s soul and makes it very fragile. Rebuilding everything is not easy, it requires a long time and the help of competent people. However, when I arrived in JP, I met two incredible people: Elena and Serena.

Elena, with her joie de vivre and Serena with her engaging and encouraging attitude, helped me to open up again, to slowly trust myself and to rebuild trust in relationships. I am grateful for what they have done for me!

The journey with Claudia gave me the opportunity to close this phase of my life that had “buried” the real me, allowing all the positive sensations and emotions that help us in our every-day life to re-emerge.

It is a long path that must be steady. The improvement is continuous in order to always be the best version of oneself … ..

Knowing that I have the skills and tools to be able to continue at my best, gave me a great push forward.

I would like to thank my employer for this experience of growth, I would also like to thank my colleagues for their support and for believing in me and also Claudia for helping me!

I am sure that Claudia is the right person for a company like Jetpharma. With her skills, she can help us develop / transform all difficult situations that a company like ours, which is being structured and which is growing, lives on a daily basis.

Serena PetrogalliAdministration Manager - Jetpharma SA

The path with Claudia allowed me to rediscover a rainbow of positive emotions (joy, enthusiasm, strength and courage) that have always been present inside me, but buried under a layer of negativity, anger, frustration … with this path I brought them back on the surface, I relived them on my skin, I felt their strong vibrations, as if I were reliving them every moment I want to connect to them.

Claudia starting from a scientific basis, she teaches us to appropriately direct the energy released by positive emotions, so that we learn to feel that we can become the people we want to be in all respects, because that ability is already within us.

Claudia is fantastic: powerful, empathetic, clear, precise, determined.

I, who was initially a bit skeptical, was conquered by her charisma and by her great competence and professionalism. Claudia took me by the hand and accompanied me on this journey to rediscover my potential.

Serena PetrogalliLaboratory Manager - Jetpharma SA

After having undertaken several paths unsuccessfully to regain my well-being, thanks to my company, I landed at Claudia.

After my initial hesitation, step by step, I completely entrusted myself to her.

It was wonderful to rediscover trust in life and in myself with Claudia, to rediscover the joy of living, enthusiasm and motivation.

What a surprise! All this entire change has allowed me a qualitative leap in all spheres of my life, especially the professional one, and the people around me have noticed it. Finally, the daily neuro-emotional exercises have become a pleasant habit.