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ECL – Escola de Comércio de Lisboa

July 2019

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Human Capital Development Training for Mentoring in Education

The project
Quantasia SA and the Ensinus Group have created the “Human Capital Development through Mentoring and Coaching in Schools” project. The project in its initial phase was carried out over two years, 2018 and 2019. About 200 teachers attended, as well as the directors of schools and the central directors of the Corporate area. Ensinus has about twenty educational institutions based on the territories of Portugal and Africa.

Training contents
Training based on the personal development of teachers through the development of Soft Skills, the development of emotional intelligence with Neuro Emotional training, the deepening of the role values ​​of teachers and alignment with company values ​​and vision of the Group, which is currently carrying out school reform for a profound transformation in teaching methods.

Purpose of the training
Provide teachers with concrete tools to improve their interpersonal communication and to better manage relationships with students and colleagues; improve their resistance to stress, increase the personal well-being and well-being of students; increase their awareness of the complexity of the human system from a cybernetic point of view.

Target audience

Mafalda FerreiraArt History and Culture Teacher

It was a privilege to participate at this training, to listen to and absorb everything was teached to us.

It was a revitalizing experience to have the time and the opportunity to think about myself and relationships with others.

Thank you, Claudia!

Catarina PaivaPsychologist and Erasmus+ Trainer

Neurosciences combined with brain-training techniques are the key to a happier and more successful life.

Thank you Claudia for sharing this knowledge with us.

Lisete Almeida

I liked this training very much, I feel full of courage and eager to change the way I think and live things.

Thanks Claudia!

Helga DuarteCommerce Course Coordinator

Thanks for everything Claudia!

I felt good in every single moment of training and I learned a lot thanks to you!

From now and on I will try to be in Alpha and in joy every day!


I liked this training, I learned to see things from other points of view and to improve my behavior with friends, family and colleagues.

Magda MagroPsychologist and Trainer

This training was:

– Refreshing for our minds and our body

– A way to become a more cohesive team

– A moment to calm and relax the spirit

Thank you!

I recommend this training to all anxious, angry, stressed or nervous people.

Patricia Videira

I really liked this formation!

It was very interesting and important to get to know myself and others better.

Thanks to Claudia for allowing me to live this fantastic experience, now I feel happy and much more confident!

Sandra RebeloPhysical Education Teacher

This training was very important to get to know myself better and to become a better person and professional.

I have been able to reflect on myself and on the way in which I communicate with others, also learning not to judge people at first sight.

Thanks for everything, everyone should have the opportunity to live this experience!

Rita Alves

It was a moment of sharing, beautiful!

Thanks for everything.

Carlos Fernandes

It was a pleasure to get to know my body and learn to be a more balanced and happy person.

Thank you, Claudia!

I recommend this training to managers and people who always work under pressure.

Sandra VieiraSales and Marketing Coordinator

Thanks, Claudia!

They were two very interesting days that helped me to think better and act better!

I recommend it to all people because I think learning to communicate effectively is the basis of healthy and lasting relationships.

Luis Almeida

The training was very interesting and important, I learned to give much more importance to the quality of my personal and professional life.

Claudia SantosEnglish Teacher

It was a really useful training because it gave me the tools to improve myself.

I will try to do the recommended exercises of Brain Training (Method SANE)!

Tania RibeiroForm Tutor and English Lessons Coordinator

It was a fantastic training!

Claudia takes you inside your brain and gives you a different view of life.

I recommend this training to people who want to reach their full potential and improve both personally and professionally.


Thanks to this training I learned that it is possible to control my brain and share positive emotions with my students.

Thanks, Claudia! You showed us a new way to educate, it was really enriching.

Marco Rodrigues


I appreciated the humanity and honesty with which Claudia held the training.

It was really enlightening for me to understand the importance and connection between a mind and a healthy body.

I recommend this training to professors, students in difficulty and their parents.


This training allowed me to develop another vision and perception of others.

I learned to look for good intentions in people!


It was an experience that allowed me to question so many things and to reflect about my thoughts, my emotions and on my actions.

I understood to be a genius, as all the others!


It was a very useful training to know oneself more deeply and to explore aspects of life that we often ignore or take for granted.

I recommend this training to professors and students, they can all learn to relate to their emotions.