“How Neuro Emotional Education

allows you to empower thoughts and emotions

to transform your reality “

Author Bestseller book written by Claudia Vece

Publisher Bruno Editore

Quantasia Sa Lugano

# 1 Author Bestseller 2021

It is a self-coaching book that guides the reader in exploring himself and acquiring the strategies to improve his life and accelerate his evolutionary process.

It provides tools and strategies to transform negative thoughts and emotions and increase psycho-emotional well-being to improve the quality of one’s life.

The contents are developed on basic principles of neuroscience, biology and quantum physics, in this way the reader can expand the knowledge of himself and of the functioning of reality.

It is an educational and informative manual that guides the reader through an introspective journey.

Only by applying the proposed strategies, the reader will be able to deeply understand and integrate the proposed concepts.

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Giuseppe Vece

I am very proud that Claudia was able to write this book, I was surprised by her ability to put these concepts together and it is clear that she is very competent in her work!

The book is interesting and full of neuroscientific and quantum insights.

It is written simply and clearly, but the topics covered are complex.

In the second part of the book there are many examples that help to better understand the concept that the author wants to convey, to understand its meaning you need to persevere in reading the first part which is more technical. Some concepts are

repeated several times, probably it was done with the intention of making readers integrate the content.

The results that can be obtained with this method seem to be astounding, now we just have to try to put into practice the exercises proposed at the end of the book. I am curious to try and I understand that if I want to see a result I have to apply what has been explained in my daily life.

Jelena IvanovicFounder of JS Management

I just finished reading book Claudia Vece’s book Neuro Emotional Transformation, and I would like to share that I am very impressed how she joined pieces of new science discoveries, and put them together, so that extremely complex puzzle became very clear and exciting picture.

Especially I liked how she simplified very large and important topics and transmit them to readers in understandable language. As these scientific information are new to us (we were not thoughts in school abut quantum physics or mind-body connections and how reflect to our daily lives), for some readers it may be very new concepts to accept. Claudia used very wise strategy of repetition to make sure that we created new synaptic connections of understandings. She also used associations to help us bridge new ideas with familiar ones. Therefore, I appreciate her practical approach, and I find this book is very helpful as it gives us  the essence of modern teachings,  and inviting us to discover amazing potential within ourselves.

Thank you Claudia for making it live!