Success is a neuro emotional education

Did you know that only 5% of our mind is conscious? The remaining 95% of our life is governed by our subconscious mind that runs automatic programs.

The subconscious mind is our body. It may seem strange, but it is true.

In fact, in the course of our lives, we learn and memorize gestures and behaviors that become integrated processes and programs of our way of functioning and being.

Neurosciences define the age of 35 as the threshold in which are memorized our behaviors, emotional reactions and programs that lead for 95% our days.

This means that even if consciously you desire being more happy, healthy or feeling better, if the body has hosted opposite emotions for years (frustration, anger, impotence, uncertainty, fear, … ) compared to what you want today, it is very difficult to make changes just by training your mental state.

In the body, on the subconscious level, memories and emotional shocks are stored and when you consciously decide to make changes in your life, the body is not prepared to do so.

The body must go through a detoxification phase of the emotional molecules that have flooded it for years and that have built subconscious memories, before you can move on to action.

The well-known “comfort zone”, which we thus conceptualize on a conscious level, it’s nothing more than the malaise that the body feels when it has to face a new challenge or a change for which it has not been prepared.

This is why some people always repeat the same mistakes or manifest the same reality. I have had clients that for years have hoped to be happy in their couple, they also have changed their couple several times, but they have always attracted to them the same troubles; some have changed jobs while remaining unsatisfied. Everyone attributes their problems to the “bad luck” until they decide to invest in their re-education and they see how life change!

In fact, the way we have programmed our brain to function allows us to manifest a given reality and to attract to us what is in us. My mentor always says “life amplifies what we already are” and that’s right: the law of attraction works in both directions!

In order to change our material reality, we need to reprogram our subconscious and educate ourselves to produce thoughts and emotions that on one side can increase our vibrational state, to attract to us other people and circumstances, and on the other side to create actions and behaviors able to meet our expectations.

Success is built day by day, by training our brain to work in the sense in which we wish to go. Otherwise we become our bad habits and without a guided neuro-emotional education, we will hardly be able to manifest our desires in a state of well-being.

I am an expert in Human Cybernetic Science and in the SANE method – Neuro Emotional Alignment System and I accompany my clients through deep transformations: both in their work and in their private life. I work with the potential of the mind, the nervous system and the body, providing my clients with strategies for performance, accompanying them towards success, in a state of happiness and psycho-physical wellbeing.

Thoughts and emotions create behaviors and set our actions in motion!
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