Neuro-Emotional alignment: what it is and how it happens!

We all know the state of Neuro-Emotional Alignment!

We have certainly experienced it during activities that we love doing and that fully involve us, transporting us into a state of total well-being.

Alignment occurs when there is joy and enthusiasm, when there is love and inspiration; you can feel it while painting a canvas or playing an instrument, dancing or singing, meditating, making love or just reading a book that makes you forget about the outside world.

In the state of alignment, the mind is silent and leaves room for emotional expression, it lets the body live without asking questions.

In the moments in which we are aligned with ourselves, we lose awareness of the space-time dimension and we enter a space of well-being that connects us to deeper and more authentic parts of our being. In those moments there is no room for negative thoughts, for the ego, or for perverse emotions; we are only immersed in joy and excitement and we find our natural dimension of existence.

When we are happy, we are in Neuro-Emotional Alignment. This means that the mind lives or wants to live something, while the body is in a vibration of excitement, joy, love, gratitude… eager to experience what the intellect wants at that moment.

Instead, in states of stress, fear and anxiety is the Reptilian Brain that is conducting our days. The reptilian brain is the seat of the instinctive part of the brain, which can do nothing except activate the fight-or-flight respond. At this stage the doors of creativity are closed, we reproduce the same patterns, we face problems in the same way and we make the same mistakes. This is the Neuro-Emotional Misalignment and we can only feel emotions such as frustration, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, anger, fear and anxiety.

When we live guided by the vibration of joy, the soul conducts our actions: we are in contact with our feelings, with our heart. Joy is the rhythm that allows the soul to express itself and co-create in the material dimension. In fact, all spiritual teachings agree that the most important thing in the evolutionary path is to be happy, precisely because when we are joyous and enthusiastic, we are in the energy of creation.

However, the society in which we live today, tends to move us away from our feelings by feeding our ego and the misalignment of mind and body, leading us to believe that our happiness depends on the outward results and on what we possess on the material level. People waste entire lives trying to accumulate assets and victories outside, impoverishing themselves emotionally and spiritually. This behaviour leads to stress, contradictions and Neuro-Emotional Misalignment, causing diseases when lived for long periods. Society as a whole, feeds this discomfort and inner disharmony: fashion, cinema, the educational system, conflicts between religions, big industries are all systems that feed the malaise, the ego, the possession, the competition and the anti-values.

The state of well-being and happiness cannot be achieved with material goods, but with internal work and alignment with oneself.

Today there are extraordinary techniques, such as the S.A.N.E. – Neuro Emotional Alignment System  which allow to activate this process of opening the heart through neurologically sequenced exercises. The S.A.N.E. method is a training of the brainwaves (Brain Training), allowing the individual to access creativity and energy of well-being in order to create a connection with his own feelings, to increase his own spirituality and access higher states of consciousness.

Wishing to feel good and to align with oneself is a daily task and it is feasible only for those who have the will to align themselves with who they really are, with those who wish to develop their gifts and understand their life mission. This task requires authenticity and profound faith in order to let go of control and ego, to express the emotions of life and give light to one’s being. At that moment the mind is silent, does not intervene and does not rage.

The mind is restless, polluted by parasites, twisting, creating illusions and elaborating complex subconscious programs which are self-sabotaging and difficult to recognise if you do not decide to observe and to consider rewriting your way of being and existing.

The first step in creating alignment is to understand that we are not a single element. We are a complex system, composed of several elements:

the intellect: the ego that can only compare itself with others and calculates the moves in space and time

the brain: the chief of our complex system and where subconscious programs are registered

the body: the vehicle that takes us around through the space dimension, allowing at the same time the emotions to flow within us

the soul: emerging and expressing once the mental-brain-body systems are aligned

When an individual is misaligned between these three mental-brain-body systems, the soul is stuck. It suffers, it cannot express itself and be fully present and involved in the human experience. There is no awareness and the individual does not access higher states of consciousness. The individual is therefore guided by anti-values, he easily makes mistakes and destroys relationships. It is the ego that leads actions and decides what to do through a mental calculation based on the comparison with others. The ego instinctively rejects what it does not know and therefore the individual is not able to take decisions that are appropriate for his evolution, not living in accordance with his heart.

The priority in the evolutionary process is always to be in alignment with yourself, to be in contact with your own feelings. When external situations push you into the duality of matter and contradictions, it is your task to develop the ability to rediscover your centre. When you are in alignment with yourself, you automatically release a very powerful energy that others perceive. This energy is the force of the vibration of joy and enthusiasm. This energy positively influences the world in and around us, creating life and harmony.

Only when we are aligned, we are in the energy of creation and we can co-create with other human beings, in well-being and understanding.


Feeling good and aligning yourself is a daily job!

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