The Mental Coaching for improving life

The first condition for achieving your goals and manifesting the life you wish for is giving yourselves the permission to do so. Seeking out a Mental Coach means making an appointment with a trainer of the mind and emotions in order to learn how to best use your  potential and manifest what you desire in material life.

Mental Coaching takes you on a journey of exploration of your inner world where a coach supports you by means of a targeted course, in order to rewrite conscious and unconscious programs that sabotage and limit you from fulfilling your objectives and living in well-being.

A Mental Coach stimulate reasoning and teach you to observe the environment and situations in just the right way, without distorting meaning and suffer unnecessarily.

The way you perceive reality, if you are not educated to do it in common sense and with logic, creates suffering going to feed feelings of anxiety and stress, which inevitably create disorders and distance you from goals. Reality is not outside you but it is inside you! Building an inner logical, balanced and harmonious world is an art, it does not happen by itself but requires commitment, constancy and attention. Thanks to a Mental Coach you can speed up and acquire strategies that allow you to be faster and more consistent in reasoning.

The benefits of Mental Coaching are definitely emotional well-being, increased self-esteem, self-confidence, the ability to manage stressful situations with appropriate techniques, increase leadership and consequently improveperformances, be they work or sport .

The Mental Coaching of Quantasia SA in Lugano, is a multidisciplinary approach, during coaching courses we teach you reasoning strategies to enhance the mind and integrate active meditation techniques of the SANE method to enhance your emotions, in order to make you independent in the governing your inner world.

Life is an emotional pursuit
Mani Hesam
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