Mental maps to increase effectiveness at work

At the 14th International Conference on Thought, held in 2009 at Putra Malaysia University, the 21st century was officially defined the century of the brain in the millennium of the mind.

The Industrial Era of communication and knowledge has given way to the era of intelligence, and the tool which best represents it is Mind Maps.

Mind Maps are extremely useful both professional and private life. Being simple and intuitive, they bring clarity to our mind, are objectively readable and comprehensible and are therefore exceptional tools for achieving specific objectives.

The use of Mind Mapping also benefits cognitive development. One of their key features is their capability to stimulate and develop all cortical abilities, that is the whole range of brain reception mechanisms.

The brain is a machine working in synergy with an infinite amount of multilateral associations, similarly to the roots of a tree. The thought works as a gigantic machine generating branched associations, reflecting nature: the veins of a leaf, rivers, the branches of a tree. A perfect system composed of infinite capabilities working to its maximum potential, which only comes alive if its intellectual capabilities and its physical aspects are allowed to work in harmony.

Mind Maps are an effective tool for working. They have the potential to bring clarity and simultaneously provide both a global and detailed vision illustrating the single elements that constitute the map.

We as humans think through images and associations, and everyone is unique and special because each mind creates unique present, past and future associations. It is therefore important to use effective tools in the comparison of ideas and in brainstorming activities in order to achieve clarity and order in the abundance of generated contents.

Mind Maps are easy to use during meetings, delivering presentations and are useful for developing the idea of ​​a new product with the advantage of different perspectives. Furthermore, you can create interactive maps with the Imindmap software.

Those who use Mind Mapping at work enjoy several benefits:

  • Time savings – Improved information management.
  • Money savings – Optimization of resources.
  • Creativity boost – Increased generation of ideas and opportunities.
  • Global vision – Ability to anticipate problems.
  • More informed decisions – Consideration of more aspects in decision-making processes.
  • Stress reduction – Greater control.
  • Fun – Enjoy yourself with a more joyful mind activity.

The use of Mind Mapping seems to be the best solution to improve work effectiveness, try and see for yourself!

I think the human brain is like an attic, a warehouse for information, but since space is limited, it should only be filled with what is needed to express the best of yourself
Jonny Lee Miller

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