Taking care of the life of the mind – Luigina Mortari

The quality of life of the mind plays an essential role in defining the quality of human experience and it is necessary to learn to take care of it. Starting from the ontological and ethical assumption that treatment is a fundamental category of the human condition, the volume draws a theory of education as a cure for the life of the mind. The author highlights the essentiality of care in education, arguing that education makes sense when it is an action intended to cultivate the desire for self-care in the other. Finally, in the second part of the book, in the light of a phenomenological-hermeneutic horizon, “self-care” is interpreted as taking care of the life of the mind and it is in this perspective that educating to think plays a fundamental role.

Luigina Mortari is a professor of Epistemology of pedagogical research at the University of Verona. Her research focuses on the philosophy of education, the philosophy and practice of care, the theoretical definition and implementation of qualitative research processes, the training of teachers and social, educational and health professionals, and training policies .

In addition to numerous articles appearing both in Italian and foreign magazines, she has published: Abitare con saggezza la terra (Angeli 1994); Natura e… (a cura di) (Angeli 1999); Per una pedagogia ecologica (La Nuova Italia 2001); Aver cura della vita della mente (La Nuova Italia 2002); Apprendere dall’esperienza (Carocci 2003); Linee di epistemologia della ricerca pedagogica (Leu 2004).

``Thinking`` responds to the need to be in search of horizons of meaning. Thinking is driven by the desire for meaning.
Luigina Mortari

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