Manage anxiety and stress with the Neuro Emotional Coaching

The frenetic society in which we live, the fast pace that we are subjected to on a daily basis and the difficulty in reconciling personal and work commitments lead us to having increased levels of stress and anxiety.

In some cases, states of anxiety and stress plague us in moments of relaxation, when we should really be dedicating ourselves to resting our mind and body, disconnecting from commitments and increasing our well-being.

When we fail to create moments of detachment, we begin to perceive constant states of impatience, dissatisfaction and frustration that end up triggering a negative mechanism where the ego takes over and begins to destroy emotional well-being, and interpersonal relationships, and we become unable to take pleasure in the simple things that life offers us.

The level of anxiety and stress are inversely proportional to the ability to awaken our internal resources that allow us to live in emotional well-being in spite of external circumstances. The less we have consolidated internal strategies, which support us in times of change and daily challenges, the more we are influenced by the surrounding environment.

If we feel constant and sudden emotional ups and downs such as frustration, anger or dissatisfaction and powerlessness, it means our vibrational frequency is mostly immersed in malaise, and due to this vibrational nature external situations will do nothing but feed our state of suffering.

Thanks to the Neuro Emotional Coaching it is possible to activate the emotional rhythms we need to live in well-being and easily succeed in daily challenges.

Neuro Emotional Coaching is transformative path, it allows to become autonomous in the creation of well-being and empowerment and it increases performances.

If you want to live a full and satisfying life, you must train your brain to create a harmonious and balanced inner state
Claudia Vece
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