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Society is changing rapidly under the pressure of the great technological revolution. New and disruptive business models are changing the industrial scenario while organizations must respond to questions of constant innovation, management and care of a customer who is increasingly an active and aware part of the processes of creating products and services.

The relationship between people and organization has changed the reference models. In this context, the HR function is called to occupy a strategic position: it must become a real and powerful agent of change, through new skills, models and tools. And this transformation must begin from itself.

This book aims to provide HR managers with new reference paradigms, new models and new concrete operational tools.

After redefining the playing field in which the managers of human resources operate, each HR practice is deconstructed and reassembled in an innovative way in terms of the process, the skills that the function must develop, the technologies that it can use to be effective.

Several contributions from company managers act as a real counterpoint to the proposed models and with the help of specialists and scholars on the subject, further upcoming scenarios are illustrated: smart working, big data and neuroscience.

Book presentation

Alessandro Donadio is a HR Innovation Leader of PwC and #socialorg funder. He started working in the company in the field of resource development and training, then moved on to HR consultancy and organizational development. Passionate about ethnological approach, he explores organizations with a keen eye on his “tribes”: communities. His blog, Organizational Metalogues 2.0, is a reference point on the topic of social enterprise. Starting from the deepening of this concept, he began to build an innovative point of view on the transformation of the HR function, supported by important experiences in the field. He is a professor at the Sole 24 Ore Business School and columnist for various management magazines.

What companies need is a concept that allows a coherent innovative action and that becomes a transformation plan.
Alessandro Donadio

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