Coronavirus: stress, anxiety and fear do not help the immune system

The latest research in the field of Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI) confirms that having strategies to regulate negative emotions and stress, allow to raise the immune system.

Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology is the discipline that deals with the relationships between the psyche and the physiological regulation systems that compose the human organism: the endocrine, the nervous and the immune systems.

PNEI confirms that when a person’s mind is emotionally involved in suffering situations, such as fear, pain, anger, resentment, discomfort or distress for prolonged periods of time, the substances released into the body, which are the same ones that produce positive effects in the initial stress phase, they become as harmful as the toxins that pollute the body. Prolonged stress activates by which harmful mechanisms: among these, the most important is the decrease or suppression of the immune response.

So PNEI also highlights the bidirectionality of the connections between the psyche and biological systems, thus underlining the mutual influence existing between the psychic sphere and the physical-body level. What happens in our head affects the general physical condition, which in turn affects the psyche. He then explains how emotions and stress change the physical health and response of the immune system.

As a consequence, the negative emotional activation states vary the immune parameters, delaying the synthesis of antibodies, up to pathological phenomena, such as the development of autoantibodies, an event most associated with autoimmune diseases.

In this moment of general fear due to Coronavirus it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and acquire emotional regulation strategies, such as Neuro Emotional Education techniques or meditation.

Nutrition: reduce the consumption of sugars in general and limit pro-inflammatory substances such as gluten and various caseins and poor quality fats, increase the consumption of spices and vegetables that help the immune system such as: garlic, ginger, cinnamon, thyme, lemons , onions, sage, rosemary, anise, coriander, papaya, watercress, horseradish, chamomile, basil, apples, carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts. Remember to always drink enough water, preferably between meals.

Neuro Emotional Coaching: force yourself to direct your attention towards everything that you have and that works, observe the opportunities instead of directing your observation towards everything that does not work in order to release feelings of safety, strength and trust in your tissues rather than fear and anxiety. Practice Neuro Emotional Coaching every day and if you don’t know these fantastic techniques, sign up on the Quantasia shop for one of our online courses.

Quantasia SA also offers Neuro Emotional Coaching courses via Skype, to encourage the management of negative moods and stress.

If you want to change the world, try to improve and transform yourself first!
Dalai Lama

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