Webinar: Covid19 pandemic and well-being in schools

Since 2018 Quantasia SA and the schools of the Ensinus Group have been actively collaborating in the Portuguese school reform project. Quantasia SA supports the Group with training and coaching services aimed at the personal development and well-being of over 300 professors, school coordinators, psychologists, directors and corporate teams.

The webinar, organized by the Lisbon School of Commerce belonging to the Ensinus Group, proposes the issue of well-being during the Covid19 pandemic.

Claudia Vece, in her presentation, stimulates the personal responsibility of everyone to act to improve their well-being with a proactive mental approach and small daily actions and routines which, if implemented regularly, can reduce stress and negative moods.

Claudia Vece and Caterina Esmenio, Deputy Director of the Lisbon School of Commerce, with enthusiasm and professionalism develop the issue trying to entice the public to get involved in a new and proactive way to improve their quality of life during the Covid19 pandemic.

Watch the webinar on the importance of well-being during Covid.

Not life, but the good life, is primarily to be appreciated.

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