Emotional wellbeing

Quantasia is a consulting firm specialised in learning and empowerment, professional and personal training, Business Coaching and in Transformative Coaching.

We promote the research and spread of well-being in all its forms as well as personal growth through models of: augmentative communication, transformation and evolution of human awareness.

In particular, we promote a developmental and educational practice aimed at transforming the inner world, fostering a culture of understanding and progress, both individual and collective, in the world of work, in families and in schools.

We offer training courses to individuals and companies and individual Coaching courses for managers, entrepreneurs, talents, individuals and anyone wishing to embark on a developmental path of research of one's inner balance. Coaching is also recommended to anyone who wishes to bring constructive dialogue and harmony into their interpersonal relationships and to anyone seeking emotional well-being.

Emotional Well-being

Claudia Vece

Claudia Vece is a specialist in Leadership and Performance and is considered an expert in personal and professional development in the different aspects of people's lives.

Some of the areas in which she works and specialises include: Leadership, wealth mastery, self-empowerment, entrepreneurial success, mind and body well-being, emotional well-being, stress management, goal setting, visualising and achieving goals, strategic communication, assertive communication, Professional Coaching for Leadership development, Relational Coaching, Life Coaching, Crisis Resolution, Management Skills, Career Coaching, Talent Management, Business Management, Problem Solving and Project Management. She's passionate about affective and social neuroscience, biology, quantum physics applied to biological systems, psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI), education and all life sciences.

Claudia is an FSEA-certified Swiss Federal Trainer for Adults, an Expert in Human Cybernetic Science, interpersonal communication, logical-mathematical intelligence, and emotional and relational intelligence. She is also an Expert Coach in the S.A.N.E.® (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System) method, in stress management techniques approach PNEI, an NLP Coach and Facilitator LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.


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We support our Clients through a profound personal transformation in order for them to create value, well-being and authentic relationships. We guide our Clients down their development path to help them reawaken the true potential of creation, so that they can be successful in their personal and professional lives whilst enriching their community.


We wish to contribute to the evolutionary process by encouraging emotional expression, augmentative communication and interpersonal relationships.
We put our talent at the service of others to reawaken the joy of life, well-being and the potential for creation in human beings, thus increasing awareness of the meaning of life.


We are a company founded on high human values that inspire our daily activities.
We are driven by our passion to experience the transformation and change in our Clients' lives.
We co-create new forms of reality with them, maintaining their well-being as our first value. Our sense of responsibility for life makes us stand out in the way we conduct ourselves.


The source of success

is to be found in the human relational fabric, a source of vital energy and well-being.

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