Collection of Various Coaching References

Collection of Various Coaching References


Individual Coaching Collection

Testimonials on the Coaching sessions carried out with the Quantasia Method.

The Quantasia Method is a flexible and multidisciplinary approach since it uses different techniques and methodologies, is inspired by the principles of neuroscience, biology, PNEI and quantum physics and is based on cybernetic science (analysis of complex systems), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), on the SANE method (Neuro Emotional Alignment System) and on mindful coaching.

Quantasia Sa Lugano
Fabiana NogueiraNails Specialist

When I met Claudia I was insecure and I felt I had no way out, I felt stuck in my life.

The coaching one-to-one done with Claudia has unlocked me completely, we have done many exercises of neuro-emotional reorganization techniques and today I feel confident of myself. I look forward to live my future with enthusiasm!

The great value is that the Quantasia method is a self-coaching method and now I am autonomous in the construction of my well-being and my happiness.

I recommend to everyone the transformative coaching with Claudia, especially if you feel stuck in your evolutionary path.

Corrado MizzoniMarketing Specialist

I had the pleasure to work with Claudia. I said “to work” because with her it is a real emotional work you do, an emotional fitness I would say!

Extremely competent and sensitive person, above all she had the great ability and attention to explain the way she works and how we would proceed together through the process.

She was able to give me strategic tips that I continue to use in my daily life.


Claudia knows how to enter your soul and change your life.

How does she do it? Making you understand how happiness and well-being are easy to achieve, with a good coach, exercise and desire to overcome yourself.

Happiness is like a muscle; to be strong, go trained!

It’s wonderful to meet people like Claudia: for me, it was one of my biggest fortunes!

Adamo TuozzoloIT Manager

Claudia is a very prepared, curious and passionate person of everything related to thought and actions that arise from what our mind creates.

I had the pleasure to open myself with Claudia, she helped me to see things from other angles, making me understand how and what the mind can create in us, by simply changing the way we see and face situations that we are experiencing.

Claudia is a very charismatic person and has the ability to give strength and security to those close to her, she is very good in helping people to bring out the best of them by making them achieve their goals.

I thank Claudia for the time she has dedicated to me.

Giovanni Cannova

The work done from time to time during the coaching sessions has involved me more and more to the point that, during the week, I took the time to do the exercises done during the meetings, putting into practice everything that was transmitted to me, to get important results in the end.

What can I say, thanks to Claudia for giving me the opportunity to have this experience.

Anyone should face a path of this type to realize that “things and emotions are not always taken for granted”.

SimonBanking sector

I admit it, I am not the best of the students and I have applied myself only to alternate phases, even after months, but in the last year Claudia has helped me a lot. It is not just for cybernetics itself, it is precisely the passion, experience and knowledge that Claudia transmits when you are lucky enough to have a “lesson” with her.
I can’t explain in words what this science is able to move you about, but it can give many food for thought on our being, our management of situations, relationships, and reacting in difficult times always trying to release positive energy.
Spend a couple of hours with Claudia and you will understand what I’m talking about, you could find the lost stimuli to face life and its challenges in a big way!


The coaching process carried out with Claudia was really useful and interesting.

I have noticed benefits and improvements in my professional life already after a few sessions.

I particularly appreciated Claudia’s professionalism, competence and enthusiasm, and her ability to easily explain complex concepts.

I found it very useful that theory has always been associated with practice: Claudia explained exercises and provided me with concrete tools to use in my daily life.

Federico Dal MasoLicensing Coordinator

Claudia is such a competent person with lots of skills, which create her unique personality.

I have to say that her best ability is to manage and motivate people.

She believes in the team and she pushes everybody throughout their limits in order to achieve successful results. Claudia always has solutions, with her – problems – don’t exists, and thanks to the high vision she always has for things the game is played on another level.

Under her management, the Company Women Management in Paris, made an extraordinary evolution in such a short time in all areas of the Company, with unexpected incredible financial results that attracted new investors and found of investments until the Company was sold.

Flavia PistilliAdministrative Coordinator

Claudia is a natural team leader, it has been a pleasure to work and learn day after day with her.

She attains a fast understanding of the keys to success trough her strong abilty to communicate and analyse every situation, helping companies achieving their goals.

She is managing on a very open-minded and transparent manner, which definitively explain why everyone loves working with Claudia.

Antoine AntakiVice President

Claudia, whom I have known for many years, has always demonstrated being a hard-working lady, with a very strong analytical mind and many qualities such as empathy, leadership, team-spirit, …

She is certainly always passionate about her life and her work : she thrives on new experiences and challenges. She is meant to transmit, to mentor and to coach, always with a very positive vision.

Jelena IvanovicImprenditrice

Dear Claudia,

as we are friends and I have witness your change trough years, it is amazing how you progress and evolve as person and your personal journey is huge inspiration.

To you as a Coach I feel huge respect as you have coaching me in such powerful way, structured, passionate, intuitive, with great knowledge, but also immense love, patience and kindness.

I  am impressed and i feel so safe in your hands, I trust you and this is for me very big deal.

I want to thank you for your lessons, consultations, support. Grazie ♥


Claudia really helped me free myself!

I want to continue this fantastic experience and unlock my potential!