International Scouting Office Sagl

International Scouting Office Sagl


ISO – International Scouting Office Sagl

Model Scouting Agency
January 2018

Quantasia Sa Lugano

Assertive and effective communication

Training contents

During the training day, the participants explored how to improve their influence and how to manage conflict situations. They developed communication skills to manage critical situations and understood which behaviors are most appropriate in problematic situations with customers, suppliers, employees, colleagues and managers.

A complete experiential training course that stimulated the team’s individual and collective growth.

Target audience
The whole team  

Sandra GalliCEO

Quantasia is synonymous with professionalism and competence.

We requested a targeted corporate training course for our employees to improve their communication and management skills and we were pleasantly impressed by the results obtained and the quality of the work done.

Claudia Vece, Quantasia trainer, is undoubtedly a highly qualified person with specific skills in the regulation of human relationships in organizations.