An exceptional anti-stress method

It is known that those who lead a stressful life put their health at greater risk.

Recent studies emerged from PNEI (psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology), a discipline that converges scientific research belonging to the behavioral sciences, neurosciences, endocrinology and immunology and which connects the psyche to physiological regulation systems, highlight the important role of stress in the psycho-physical responses connected to the interweaving of the three apparatuses: nervous, immune and endocrine.

Stress releases some hormones into the body, including cortisol and adrenaline, which in an acute phase limited in time have a positive effect: the immune action is enhanced, physical adaptation reactions are activated, concentration and attention improve.

On the other hand, when the subject’s mind is emotionally involved and the individual is suffering, is feeling pain, anger, resentment, uncertainty, fear or distress over a prolonged period of time, the substances released into the body during the initial stress phase become harmful. This is the phase of chronic stress in which harmful mechanisms are activated, among which the most important is the decrease or suppression of the immune response.

As a consequence, emotions, which are nothing but neuropeptides and neurotransmitters (hormones), are able to vary the immune parameters generating depression, chronic fatigue, low concentration, irritability, inflammation, hypertension and delay in the synthesis of antibodies, up to pathological phenomena, such as the development of autoantibodies, an event most associated with autoimmune diseases.

Quantasia coaches are experts in stress management techniques, mainly using a PNEI approach combined with the S.A.N.E. method – Neuro Emotional Alignment System, which consists of neurologically sequenced exercises that, if practiced regularly, are able to defuse psycho-physical responses related to stress, as they allow to slow the overloaded activity of the nervous system (upper beta brain rhythm) accustoming it to work in the brain rhythm Alpha (pace of well-being), thus improving the immune response and good functioning of the organism.

The S.A.N.E exercises are practiced initially with an expert Coach, to allow the individual to trigger the transformation, then the person becomes autonomous and can practice the exercises alone.

The results are amazing! The person who applies the S.A.N.E method in his daily life, improves his condition of well-being and strengthens his ability to produce the emotions he needs to face life challenges. Facing a challenge or a change in frustration or anxiety does not bring the same results as dealing with enthusiasm and determination. The magic of S.A.N.E. is that the person spends his life in a state of psycho-physical wellbeing and in the satisfaction of what he lives, getting more and more results thanks to the vitality that sustains him!

Life is an emotional pursuit
Mani Hesam

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