S.A.N.E. method: benefits detected by the eeg (electroencephalogram)

The S.A.N.E. method – Neuro Emotional Alignment System – was founded in France by doctors Mani Hesam and Arash Zarrinpour, who created in 2013 the first institute that certifies Professional Coaches in the use of this extraordinary method in which the team of Quantasia SA is specialized.

Why does S.A.N.E. coaching method work? What makes it so unique?

The S.A.N.E. coaching method is not based exclusively on an analytical approach of strategies, but it rather works much more deeply, involving the neuro-emotional circuits that allow to precisely influence the brain activity.

It is proven that those who learn to regularly practice the neurological sequences of the S.A.N.E. method, are able to modify the brain activity which in turn affects its structure and functioning (neuro-plasticity principle), thus influencing and optimizing its mental, emotional and behavioral activity.

The S.A.N.E. method is not a therapy but a very powerful self-coaching method; those who practice it are able to obtain remarkable results both for their well-being and for the way in which they deal with life situations and govern their own evolution.


This year our company Quantasia, which is certified in the S.A.N.E. coaching method, began to undertake research programs to highlight the effects and benefits of the S.A.N.E. method with experts from different sectors of activities.


The first research we carried out took place in 2018 with experts of the Freienbach Institute of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback in Canton Schwyz at their office in Vevey. During four days we learned the basics of the Neuro and Biofeedback and then we practiced the S.A.N.E.method while the electroencephalograph (EEG) recorded what was happening in the practitioners’ brains.

During the practice of the S.A.N.E. method it has been initially noted that, if only normal brainwaves are observed, it is not clear what happens on a cerebral level, because the brain is in a state of great excitement, it is very active and presents a great amplitude of frequencies everywhere.

It emerged that the main activation frequencies are 7-14 Hz ALPHA brain waves and THETA waves between 5-6 Hz (Good-Theta). Both of these frequencies allow the brain to access creativity and download new information. Those who easily access these frequencies are able to find solutions to problems much more easily than others.

Moreover, at the level of the prefrontal region, we could read a clear and evident activity in complete coherence, especially when the visualization exercises work towards a specific objective.

The brain is an extraordinary organ that reaches its maximum potential when it works in coherence and when it releases the frequencies of well-being and success.

Imagine now a person who hardly accesses these brain frequencies of well-being and creativity, this person will probably tend to reproduce the same patterns of functioning when facing situations, keeping problems in place and preventing himself from evolving and accessing a higher level of awareness.

We can now even imagine a company that necessarily needs people capable of problem solving and people who can successfully manage complex situations.

Companies often spend a lot of money training their employees but without success, repeatedly finding themselves in front of increasingly tired, stressed, less efficient employees with difficulties in accessing creativity to solve complex problems. Learning to use one’s potential does not only go through the learning of external strategies, it is essential to learn training one’s own potential, training the brain in a profound and lasting way towards success and above all, maintaining wellbeing at the center of the whole process.

The S.A.N.E. coaching method allows exactely that, but let’s see more about what happens in the brain of those who practice it …

From the results obtained at the Neuro and Biofeedback institute, it has been highlighted that the S.A.N.E. method is able to work on the deepest parts of the nervous system, adjusting the system “accelerator-brake” (“Readiness Potential”) of the brain. In fact, by practicing the S.A.N.E. method under EEG monitoring, it has been noticed that frequencies lower than 1hz, where the electromagnetic field emitted by the neurons is read, show a coherence and a self-regulation capacity of this mechanism. Usually this deep part of our brain is chaotic, defective and uneducated to work, not allowing us to reach our goals and sabotaging our well-being (regulation of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters). In this area there is always a resistance struggle, which translates into everyday life in contradictory behavior such as “a part of me wants something and another part does not want it, but wants something else”. We know well that proceeding in life in this way (think of those who want to go on a diet or change jobs and fail because in strong duality) leads to exhaustion and discomfort because the energies that drive these types of behavior are frustration, guilt, anger, impotence, …

For this brain activity, the main neurotransmitter is dopamine (dominant dopamine process). Dopamine is a motivating hormone; in fact, those who produce a lot of dopamine can resist their own impulses, consciously ruling them without falling into the trap of short-term pleasure (“I want chocolate, I cannot resist, I eat it!”). By adjusting this mechanism, you make healthier or more strategic choices that imply a regulated activity of the accelerator and the brake and this allows to access to long-term pleasure (“I do not eat chocolate for the pleasure to fit in my swimsuit this summer”). The S.A.N.E. method, which works by activating frequencies such as joy, enthusiasm or love, stimulates the center of the pleasure of the brain, regulating – it seems – this complex and profound mechanism successfully.

Probably, if there was the possibility of practicing the method S.A.N.E. during an fMRI, we could see other interesting data about brain activity when subjected to stimulation of frequencies such as love and gratitude for a medium-long time frame.

In this way, S.A.N.E. allows to instantly synchronize the limbic brain with the heart, creating coherence and connection between these two systems. When in his own life a person proceeds in love, accessing creativity and well-being, he can only be destined to succeed in the different categories of life.

The S.A.N.E. method contributes to the creation of a community of more united and aware people, as those who practice it are connected to their own feelings and are authorized to co-create in love and kindness with other human beings. Today it is demonstrated, from the thousands of testimonis of those who practice the S.A.N.E. method, that extraordinary results are obtained in one’s life. From here, Quantasia presents the concept of “transformational coaching method”.

Those who practice the S.A.N.E. method with regularity get a clear change in their state of well-being and in their evolutionary process in all their categories of life, the main results are highlighted in the following areas:

Psycho-physical wellbeing

Greater vital energy

Ability to produce emotions of well-being: joy, enthusiasm, certainty, serenity, love ..

Drastic reduction of anxiety, stress and negative emotions: fear, guilt, frustration, anger, ..

Reduction of thoughts and behaviors that are compulsive or harmful to health

Hormonal regulation

Sleep regulation


Relational awareness

Consistency of brain waves

Cardiac coherence

Goal achievement in a short time

Time management


Quantasia thanks the experts of the different sectors that works with us to analyse the benefits and the effects of the S.A.N.E. method for the pursuit of well-being in all its forms.

The brain is an extraordinary organ that reaches its maximum potential when we feel high emotions!

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