Executive coaching for leadership development

Big changes are happening in the business world, and no one can escape!

Even executives are not immune to the effects of the global accelerating climate in the business. Today it is expected that executives, including Senior VP, CEO, CFO, COO and CTO, are immediately operational and able to maintain a steady and committed rhythm, and moreover, shareholders and corporate stakeholders pretend quick results.

Work teams are more than ever forced to work quickly, while maintaining efficiency, quality and reliability in products and services. Teams are increasingly digitized and automated, they can be physically dispersed while they can rely on technology, robotics and artificial intelligence to do their job.

This global disruption in the world of work has aroused in companies the necessity to invest, in a targeted way and at every organizational level, in the leadership of key people.

Integrating and developing a corporate culture based on human nature is nowadays fundamental for companies that want to grow solid and able to adapt to changes without making the work teams feel the pressure and the continuous tension. Companies that understand this aspect, and for which they are committed to maintaining the basic human characteristics of their Leaders, are those who are in the best position for long-term success.

Today, not only technology is evolving, but also Leaders! In fact, companies that believe they can remain passive in the development of the Soft Skills of their managers, that is in the development of cognitive relational and communicative skills that differ from the technical skills related to specific tasks or roles, will succumb in the coming years. This approach could work fifty years ago, but today it is unthinkable to serve others without structure and strategy.

Leadership is a mindset that is built and expressed through daily attitudes aimed at embracing the human being to take it with him, which translated into one word means “influence“. If a company therefore wants to develop leadership of its key people, it cannot do anything else but invest in Executive Coaching and make its managers take personal paths that allow them to bring out the awareness of human nature, which will necessarily express itself spontaneously towards others. Only when who manage resources has embodied the personality of the Leader, can empower his work team, making each member accountable to himself, others and the company.

The Executive Coaching of Quantasia, in Lugano – Ticino and in Paris, is a targeted individual path that allows to identify the gaps in the transversal competences and the weak points of the Leader, and work to create a personality capable of positively influencing others.

The Executive Coaching of Quantasia is for organizations that expect individual effectiveness and overall organizational success, increase in individual executive performance and overall team performance, engagement in managerial responsibilities to make important business decisions to achieve results and all of this seasoned by a positive and enthusiastic personality.

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