Company training to connect people through knowledge

Every company should invest to improve the work environment and the relationships among its employees. After all, it is employees who interact with the public by offering company services and selling products. Without employees, a company would never be able to grow and expand to achieve results.

Therefore, to encourage employees, company could use one of the most beneficial strategies known in the modern world: the Corporate Training.

Investing in Corporate Training means connecting people through knowledge, it is a smart way to grow your team with constructive opinion exchange and by playing games.


Usually, there are two types of training courses that can be offered teams:

– Training to improve technical and role-related skills,

– Training to improve Soft Skills, that are those personal characteristics that influence the way employees react and respond to the requests coming from their environment (customers, colleagues, subordinates and superiors).

Quantasia SA is a company specialized in tailor-made company training that aims to develop the soft skills of employees. Our courses support companies with the creation of a greater understanding and harmony within teams, to optimize work performance and increase results. Soft Skills embrace all those techniques, strategies and tools that allow an individual to communicate and relate to others in a winning way, to improve one’s reasoning, to bring out one’s potential and leadership.

It is always interesting for an employer to see how the work teams are able to confront themselves constructively and how they can transform in a short time. In the trainings designed by Quantasia, work teams are immersed for two to three days in the course, during which they can hardly maintain hierarchical roles and where they are called to play and to confront to each other, highlighting their personal abilities.

By playing games and exchanging opinions, people learn notions, make deep reflections, dissolve mental blocks and alleviate conflicts creating new bonds.

The Corporate Training of Quantasia, allows companies to increase staff motivation, people self-confidence, interpersonal communication, people’s attitude towards customers and colleagues and to improve stress resistance with the ultimate aim of increasing employee performance in the workplace.

In short, training is a winning way for the growth and progress of every company, which positively impacts on corporate values ​​and image.

Quantasia SA is based in Lugano, Ticino and in Paris, France. We work with companies and educational institutions internationally to improve interpersonal dynamics in the world of work.

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