Connect to your life mission with the METHOD S.A.N.E

One’s life mission should not be confused with one’s work or long-term goals. Our life mission is our Telos, a unique purpose that encompasses the meaning of our existence.

The real secret to making sense of our lives lies in understanding who we really are, where we have come from and where we want to go. If we can connect to our feelings and express them in words, then we are able to release the potential within us and freely express our personality.

Aligning one’s existence to one’s life mission brings about: the ability to make choices with greater awareness, decreases emotional ups and downs (frustration, anxiety, anger, powerlessness, sadness), accelerates the developmental process, and increases well-being as well as the connection we have with our soul.

Thanks to the S.A.N.E® method (Neuro-Emotional Alignment System) it is possible to connect to one’s own gifts and deepest aspirations and align one’s existence with one’s own Telos.

The S.A.N.E method is an innovative approach because:

Tthe regular practice of S.A.N.E exercises guarantees you extraordinary results in your life

Allows you to wean your body from toxic emotional addictions and affirm your true potential

Allows you to improve well-being and self-confidence; S.A.N.E stimulates more ideas and intuition, more energy and connection with yourself

The practice of the S.A.N.E exercises allows you to create the neuro-emotional alignment, a necessary condition for the mind and body to work together towards your desires

Quantasia SA in Lugano is the first company to spread the SANE method in Switzerland and Italy. Contact us for a free meeting and learn about our Neuro Emotional Coaching courses.

Allinea la tua esistenza nella direzione della tua missione di vita!

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