Neuro Emotional Coaching to increase wellbeing

Did you know that 95% of our actions and behaviours are automatically controlled by our subconscious? In fact, our unconscious programs, which are inherited or created over the course of our lives, manage our behaviours and decide whether we achieve our goals, and allow our results to be manifested.

Are the sabotaging, destructive and repetitive behaviours that are subject to emotional, food or behavioural addictions that make us victims of ourselves, that get us stuck in routines that generate discomfort. In the long run, these unhealthy habits will ask us for a  salty bill that we will inevitably pay: for some with health, for others with interpersonal relationships that will tend to deteriorate and for others to the failures that they will accumulate in their lives.

Choosing to change one’s habits and deciding to go through a personal transformation in order to rewrite limiting beliefs and get rid of sabotaging programs, allows us to evolve more quickly as far as the different aspects of life are concerned, as well as realise our objectives. Deciding to look inward to create a new self, that is capable of guiding our existence in a more noble way, is an important choice that sooner or later we all have to make in our lives, either by choice or because it is imposed on us by external circumstances.

It is much more effective to choose on our own to deserve more and to authorize ourselves to obtain it. Today, thanks to Neuro-Emotional Coaching, we can independently remove the brakes and contradictions and access emotional well-being that allows us to create greater results with less effort.

Mind and body are two inseparable elements that are part of the same system; when they work in  synchronicity we are able to effortlessly manifest our objectives in the material world, this happens when we live in a state of well-being and alignment.

Well-being is constructed by means of the creation of strong internal circuits and winning external strategies, the qualitative and quantitative association of the thoughts and emotions that we emit during the day influences, first and foremost, our state of well-being and our PEMAâ – Electro-Magnetic Potential for Attraction.

The biggest challenge we face in life is to convince our subconscious to follow what we mentally desire with our behaviours, what we desire mentally and we can do it only by associating pleasure to our visions.

The coaching method of Quantasia SA in Lugano, is for those who want to learn how to create the Neuro Emotional Alignment, to live in the flow and create empowering actions.

Success in life is emotional well-being

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