Communication between parents and children

Relationships between parents and children are not always easy and can sometimes become complicated and heavy-going to the point when conflicts arise, which, if they become commonplace, create imbalances in the family nucleus and even in the couple.

All human beings have their own way of functioning, their own system of values, their own beliefs and their own needs. It is sometimes clearly productive for a parent to adopt an authoritative attitude in order to help their children find themselves and become independent. However, it can also be counterproductive in that it can lead to children becoming rebellious, distancing themselves and closing themselves off.

Creating balance and serenity in relationships does not happen naturally. Relational empowerment is something that is learned, cultivated and nourished. A fundamental aspect for living in well-being with others is undoubtedly knowing how to listen without falling into the trap of judging, so as to avoid disagreements and futile misunderstandings, as well as knowing how to use effective, clear and simple communication.

Relationships between parents and children are the most precious relationships that a human being can cultivate. When parents and children live by sharing and trusting each other, as well as in emotional well-being and in freedom of expression, all other social relationships benefit from this, for they are based on strong and healthy relational foundations.

If you are a parent and have difficulty creating a trusting relationship with your child, if you struggle to cultivate harmony in communication or if you believe you can make a qualitative leap in the way you build your relationships, contact us for evaluate a Coaching course on Relational Empowerment developed directly by us of Quantasia SA in Lugano. We will give you strategies to improve and communicate effectively, even in front of complex and hostile situations, thanks to the principles of cybernetic science and neuro-communication.

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