The art of successful couple

Couples are complex and delicate systems that, in their very being, are constantly changing and evolving. As couples grow, they go through different phases, including falling in love, going through crises, and maturation.

The natural diversity of individuals often leads couples to go through moments of conflict and tension. What makes the difference is precisely how these moments are faced and resolved. Conflicts can be dealt with constructively or destructively. A constructive approach is cultivated with effective communication in order to strengthen interaction and the relationship as a whole. Contrastingly, a destructive approach can stifle the soul of the couple and thus bring the relationship to a crisis point in which one risks killing off the love.

To love and to feel loved are the highest forms of human expression that everyone seeks to achieve.  In couples, this occurs when both individuals are able to freely express their own point of view and their personality, and they completely respect their partner’s way of functioning. The act of loving involves knowing oneself and the desire to work well together.

The act of loving passes through self-knowledge and the desire to function well together.

In fact, the art of successful couples lies in understanding the values and functioning of one’s other half, as well as augmentative communication and self-regulation. Sharing a life journey doesn’t mean stepping on each other’s feet but, instead, holding hands and moving together in the same direction.

Being in a relationship is one of the most important aspects of life for human beings and it is of utmost importance to invest time, value, thoughts, energy and money in order for it to grow. When couples become a family, new and complex dynamics come into play, which, if managed with care and readiness, allow for the creation of successful relationships between parents and children.

Valuing a couple’s relational empowerment means investing in resources that sustain us in moments of transformation and misunderstanding, in order to maintain balance and avoid feeding emotions of sadness, frustration and anger that destroy the well-being of the family unit.

Quantasia SA in Lugano, has developed a coaching course on relational empowerment which consists in guiding the person to improve his logical interpretation of reality and his communicative skills, in order that he/she can interact optimally with others.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet

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